3315 A Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus Watch Is Coming May 24th

A Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus Watch Is Coming May 24th

102035 A Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus Watch Is Coming May 24th

It seems that Oneplus has more faith in its OnePlus Watch than we all do. Right after launching the device, the company is launching different editions of the watch. Based on a video posted to Weibo, it looks like the next edition will be a Cyberpunk 2077 edition, and it doesn’t look half bad!

The Cyberpunk 2077 Watch will launch on May 24th

It seems that both the Oneplus Watch and Cyberpunk 2077 were destined to be together, seeing as both launched to really poor reviews. The OnePlus Watch was plagued with buggy software, repeat notifications, and inaccurate step counting among other things. OnePlus is remedying these issues by sending OTA updates to fix them.

Contrasting the news of the Harry Potter edition watch that was leaked just a few days ago, we actually have a visual of the hardware. Not only that, but this news comes straight from OnePlus’ mouth. OnePlus posted a 16-second trailer to Chinese social media site Weibo.


The watchband will be black with yellow accents. It will have the Cyberpunk 2077 aesthetic with the lines and sharp angles that adorn the franchise. The CyberPunk 2077 logo is prominently branded on the watchband.

It’s hard to tell from the video, but the metal casing looks like it will also be black, but that might not be the case. On the casing, we see yellow accents where the hardware buttons are.

The Cyberpunk 2077 DNA extends to the software as well. We see one of what we think will be many themed wallpapers. It’s blue-ish with yellow text and numbers. The time displayed, 10:10 March 23rd, doesn’t seem to have any significance. The launch date for the watch will actually be May 24th.


It looks like there will be some extra merchandise along with the watch

The trailer doesn’t only show us the watch, it also shows us what looks like figurines that will come with it. The figurines got just as much air time as the watch itself. One is the hand from Jonny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves’ character), which should encourage fans to pick up this device. It looks like it will be pretty sizable, seeing as it can hold the watch.

Though this might not be the case, it looks like a possible Jonny Silverhand figurine will be available. It’s hard to say if it will be a thing, or if it was displayed just to add to the aesthetic. It shows the character standing there with his hands on his hips. If it does actually launch, there’s no telling how large it will be.

With the Harry Potter edition in the works, this Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus Watch looks like one of many different editions of the watch that we should get excited about. It raises questions as to what OnePlus will launch next.


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