754 A Few Select Android Phones Now Support Gaming On Amazon Luna

A Few Select Android Phones Now Support Gaming On Amazon Luna

86755 A Few Select Android Phones Now Support Gaming On Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is the newest cloud gaming service on the market and now it’s available on Android. But only for a select few Android devices.

Today Amazon officially confirmed when players would get access to Luna on their Android smartphones. That answer is today, if you have one of the phones that is currently supported. The list is not long, unfortunately.

And as you may have already guessed, the phones which it supports are all fairly popular devices. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone though. As it wouldn’t make sense for Amazon to open up initial Android support for devices that aren’t as popular. At least not until the service is more widely available and Amazon is sure things work as it intends.


Amazon Luna on Android works with the most recent Pixel and Samsung devices

Amazon is starting small here with the supported device list. If you have the Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 4a or 4a 5G, or the Pixel 5, then you’re in.

You’ll still need to be accepted to the early access Luna beta of course. But if you have that, or if you’re waiting on it but have one of those devices, then you’re good. It also works on a handful of devices from Samsung. And a handful of devices from OnePlus.

The supported Samsung devices include the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Galaxy Note 20.

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For OnePlus, the supported devices include the 7 series, the 7T series, the 8 series, and the Nord. Amazon says more device support is coming. But it hasn’t stated which devices will be added later on nor has it confirmed when those devices would gain support.

Luna on phones requires a controller

If you want to play Luna games on your phone, you need a controller. There’s no touch controls here. Though that is something that Amazon could possibly add in the future. It hasn’t necessarily stated as such though.

For now, you’ll need something like the Razer Kishi. The DualShock 4, Xbox Wireless Controller, and even the Luna controller should work just fine too. The point is you need a controller.


You will also need to launch Luna from the home screen as a web app. Before all that though, you need to go to amazon.com/luna to configure everything and follow the instructions that are listed. Naturally you’ll need to sign in with your Amazon account that already has access.

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