5250 Amazon Made Its First Fire TVs, And You Can Buy Them Today

Amazon Made Its First Fire TVs, And You Can Buy Them Today

114907 Amazon Made Its First Fire TVs, And You Can Buy Them Today

Even though Amazon is mainly a software brand and online retailer, it’s got a few toes in the hardware department. The company announced its own in-house brands of smart TVs, called the Amazon Fire TV Smart TVs. Catchy name aside, these could be an inexpensive foray into the smart TV life.

First, there’s the Amazon Fire TV 4 Series

Starting off the list is the Amazon Fire TV 4 Series. These are the smaller of the two brands and definitely less premium. The three sizes are 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch, so they’re about middle-ground in terms of size.

As for the feature set, you can’t really expect this TV to be more than, well, a TV. You can expect good visuals because it’s a 4K TV that supports HDR10 and HLG. Sound wise, the Fire TV 4 Series can use Dolby Digital Plus for some punchy sound.


On the higher end of the spectrum, there’s the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

If you want a little bit more action for your TV, then you might want to try the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series. These are the more premium brands with more features and larger sizes. It comes in the same sizes as the 4 Series with the addition of 65-inch and 75-inch variants.

Like the 4 Series, the Omni TVs come with 4K panels that are compatible with HDR10 and HLG. However, the Omni TVs also have Dolby Vision for the 65-inch and 75-inch models.

A big addition that the Omni TVs have that the 4 Series don’t is Alexa. While the 4 Series can use the Alexa remote, the Fire TV Omni Series TVs have Alexa implemented throughout the software which allows for hands-free navigation. You will be able to use Alexa to find your shows and movies and not have to pick up a remote.


The prices for these TVs are really good

4K smart TVs can really cost you an arm and a leg sometimes. What’s fortunate is that the Amazon Fire TVs are priced really competitively. If you’re interested in the less premium 4 Series TVs, they start off at just $369.99 for the 43-inch variant ($469.99 for the 50-inch and $519.99 for the 55-inch).

If you can’t live without Alexa integration and Dolby Vision, The Fire Omni TVs start at under $500. It starts at $409.99 for the 43-inch variant and the 75-inch variant will run you $1099.99.

With these TVs, you will have the Amazon Fire TV software installed, which will give you access to thousands of apps for streaming content. You’ll be able to watch content from Netflix, Disney+, Tubi, Peacock, IMDB TV, YouTube, and the list goes on.


What’s neat is that if you already have a Fire device (like a Fire Stick), all of your apps and content will automatically be downloaded on the Fire TV when you set it up. These are all available to purchase today.

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