2508 Android 12 DP2 Introduces Another Media Player UI Change

Android 12 DP2 Introduces Another Media Player UI Change

96841 Android 12 DP2 Introduces Another Media Player UI Change

Android 12 DP2 is starting off seemingly packed full of little subtle changes, like the media player UI for example. There is yet another change this part of the user interface. Though not necessarily in the way you’d think.

You might have expected the layout to look different or perhaps the design to change altogether. And that isn’t really what’s happening. Rather, Android 12 DP2 changes where the matching colors for the media player UI come from.

If you remember, Google introduced the new Quick Settings media player with Android 11. That media player also draped the tile in matching colors from the album artwork.


But not anymore. And although this isn’t a very large design change, it just might end up being a better solution.

Android 12 DP2 media player UI now pulls accent colors from the system

The decision to use accent colors from the system with the Android 12 DP2 media player makes a whole lot of sense. It gives the user a little more control over what color they want certain elements of the system to be.

With Android 12 DP2, you’d first have to go into the Styles & Wallpapers menu on the phone. Which you can access from long pressing on the home screen.

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From here, you can tap on the styles tab in the bottom nav bar. That would then let you select things like font, icon shape, and finally color. There are a preselected set of options that you can choose from. But if you tap the custom button you can select each of those three things individually. And when you get to the color portion, there are more colors to choose from then what you see on the first screen.

Any of those colors you have to choose from is what the media player UI will now match.

Placing emphasis on album artwork

While we can’t say for certain if this is the reason for the change, album artwork is definitely more distinguishable from matching colors in the media player than it used to be.


The colors looked just fine before, but because they matched the color or certain colors of the album artwork it could be hard to tell where some album artwork ended and the media player UI began. Now though you can more easily tell because the colors are likely to be very different.

And that places a little more emphasis on the artwork itself. Even if only for those few moments you glance at it.

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