6866 Call Of Duty This Year Will Launch With An All-New Warzone Experience

Call Of Duty This Year Will Launch With An All-New Warzone Experience

126144 Call Of Duty This Year Will Launch With An All-New Warzone Experience

Activision has just announced its plans for Call Of Duty in 2022, which includes an all-new Warzone experience that will launch alongside this year’s mainline title. Speaking of which, Activision has also now confirmed that this year’s release will be a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare. We’re finally getting task force 141 back together.

In a new blog post detailing upcoming improvements to Warzone following the launch of Season Two of Vanguard, Activision says this new experience is designed from the ground up together with this year’s new game.

That doesn’t allude to a whole lot. But it does suggest that this will be an entirely different Warzone than what we currently know. There’s also a new engine powering this year’s Call Of Duty release and the new Warzone experience. So things should look nice and fresh.


The new Warzone experience will be a “massive evolution of battle royale”

Without diving into too much detail, the blog post mentions a few key pieces of information. For instance, this “new” Warzone will be a “massive evolution of battle royale within a new playspace.” It’ll also come with a new sandbox mode.

Development is being led by Infinity Ward for both projects as well. Infinity Ward is the studio with the longest history within the franchise’s development. Handling 2019’s Modern Warfare, as well as the original Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Ghosts, and Infinite Warfare.

This isn’t necessarily a Warzone sequel

It’s unclear if this is a sequel to Warzone or if Activision and Infinity Ward simply plan to blow things up and start fresh. At this point it could be either one. What is clear is that Activision says it remains dedicated to today’s Warzone just as much as this upcoming new version.


Much of the blog post is focused on how it plans to continue improving the current Warzone while addressing community concerns and requests. Ranging from improvements to all forms of movement, to performance and streaming issues, voice chat connectivity, and distorted graphics.

Activision states that with these ongoing improvements, it will be focusing on what makes Warzone enjoyable for fans. Which is a gameplay-first stance that won’t sacrifice stability for flashy new features.

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