5152 Don’t Worry, Your Twitch Password Wasn’t Stolen In The Breach

Don’t Worry, Your Twitch Password Wasn’t Stolen In The Breach

114159 Don't Worry, Your Twitch Password Wasn't Stolen In The Breach

As you all may know, Twitch recently underwent a massive data leak. A hacker leaked a lot of information about the company, leading us to worry about our login and banking information. Fortunately, the company reported that our login and banking information was not leaked.

In case you don’t know what the Twitch breach was

Last week, Twitch reported that a massive amount of information about the company was stolen and leaked on the internet. A jaw-dropping 125GB worth of information was posted as a torrent file to be freely downloaded on 4Chan.

The leak consisted of Twitch’s source code, creator payout information, details on a Steam competitor, and other bits of information. The company later released an update where it told us the cause of the leak. Twitch called it an error with a “server configuration change.” During that configuration change, the hacker was able to infiltrate Twitch’s inner servers.


The hacker didn’t passwords in the Twitch breach

The main thing on peoples’ minds is whether their personal Twitch login information was stolen in the breach. Fortunately, Twitch told us in the update that, after doing a thorough review of the stolen information, passwords were not stolen. The update said that really the only information stolen affected the company more than the customers.

The only real effect that it had on customers had to do with the creator payout reports. They showed how much money some of the top players were making from Twitch between August of 2019 and last month. In that time span, we could see a handful of people making millions of dollars.

If passwords were stolen, it would have meant a lot more trouble than having your Twitch hijacked. People typically use the same password across multiple platforms. If a person got ahold of your Twitch login information, they could possibly have access to other services that you’re registered to.


Also, the hacker didn’t steal banking information

People also worried about their banking information. Members add their credit card and bank information to Twitch to pay for bits and subscriptions. The gaming streaming platform lets us know that information like that is also safe.

In a previous report, it said that the company doesn’t keep full credit card numbers on its servers anyway. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t keep other banking details, so still be on the watch.

Twitch reports that our passwords and banking information weren’t stoled in the breach, and it’s looking to get things back to normal. Truth be told, this breach won’t really hinder Twitch’s popularity in the streaming market.


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