5212 Dr. Disrespect To Join PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Oct. 29th

Dr. Disrespect To Join PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Oct. 29th

114522 Dr. Disrespect To Join PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Oct. 29th

In case you thought that Fortnite put the nail in the coffin for PUBG, you’re mistaken. PUBG Mobile is hosting a Halloween livestream event called “13 Days of Halloween”, and the company has a special guest attending. It just announced that legendary streamer Dr. Disrespect will be joining the event for the finale.

What is “13 Days of Halloween?”

PUBG Mobile is having a special event that will countdown to Halloween called “13 Days of Halloween.” It’s a two-week-long livestream event where the company is bringing on guest content creators and giving away cool prizes. It’s a week in already, so you can still be involved.

PUBG Mobile is giving away in-game currency (UC) and real-life currency (gift cards) along with some other goodies. Each day, one lucky participant will receive a pair of AirPods and an iPad. From the looks of the trailer, that iPad might be an older iPad Mini.


To top everything off, the company is also giving away an actual motorcycle! That’s right; the company is hosting the “Ride to Survive” sweepstakes where one winner will get a 2021 Ural Sidecar Motorcycle.

Where does Dr. Disrespect fit into the PUBG Mobile event?

Dr. Disrespect fits in at the end of the PUBG Mobile event. He’s the special guest that the company teased in the trailer. Dr. D will come in on the event finale (October 29th), and he will be playing a handful of matches.

First, he’ll play three matches, and then one final match. For the three matches, he’ll be joining three teams named after his brand, Team Violence, Team Momentum, and Team Speed. After that point, he will pick one member from each of those teams and create one final team for the final match.


There will also be a contest where people can guess who will be chosen from each team. If you want to see Dr. Disrespect, or the PUBG Mobile event in general, head down to the company’s official YouTube channel.

In case you don’t know what PUBG is

PUBG or “Players Unknown Battle Ground” is a battle royale game where people are thrown onto a large deserted map and charged with the duty to survive. You fall from the sky with no weapons or clothes. It’s up to you to find weapons and gear to fight your way to being the last one standing.

If this sounds familiar, then you may have heard of a little game called Fortnite; indeed, Fortnite is basically a clone of PUBG. Epic Games made Fortnite shortly after PUBG launched, and took the game into its own colorful and flossy direction.


You can play the mobile version of PUBG and get a faithful approximation of the game at the button below.

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