4747 Facebook Introducing Two New Portals, Including the First Portable Version

Facebook Introducing Two New Portals, Including the First Portable Version

112107 Facebook Introducing Two New Portals, Including the First Portable Version

Facebook had launched its video-call-centric device, the Portal, back in 2018. Now the company has refreshed its lineup with two new Portal devices. A first, 10-inch Portal Go with an in-built battery. And a wired 14-inch Portal Plus has been unveiled. Along with new hardware, Mark Zuckerberg has doubled down on business focus integrations with Microsoft Teams and more. 

Portal Plus Go will let you video chat anywhere indoors. The Portal Plus will come with a larger screen for multitasking

During the recent Facebook 2021 live stream event, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled two new Portal devices. The company aims to help balance work from home and connect with family through the devices. In a first, the company has unveiled Portal Go. The Portal Go features an in-built battery and a handle, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 10-inch touch screen. The display will have a resolution of 1200×800.

The Portal+ has similar specifications but comes with a larger 14-inch HD tilting display to support more participants in group video calling. Both the devices will allow users to stream music through select few services with Spatial Audio. The devices come with an Alexa voice assistance, camera cover and can display pictures. 


Facebook Portal aims to be a business device

Facebook has also promised to introduce new software features, including “Household Mode.” Which will help users share Portal devices with family members. The company has also introduced work-from-home features with Portal Device Manager. It will help create and manage Facebook Work Accounts and let organizations manage linked devices under the Portal for Business umbrella.

Facebook will support remote work apps such as Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting later this December. The work apps are compatible with Portal Go and Portal+ devices. 

The company had added support for Zoom back in 2020 which saw rise in popularity for Portal device.


The Portal Go has priced at $199, and the larger Portal+ will cost you $349.

The Portal devices do offer great hardware and software features to connect with the outer world. But, they face competition from Android as well as iPad tablets that offer more functionalities. Portal devices are not as flexible as the Android ecosystem, where users have a vast catalog of productive and gaming apps. Before picking up the Portal devices, the devices still do not support video streaming apps.

The new Facebook Portal devices will be available to purchase from October 19 through the Facebook Portal Website


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