5022 Fortnitemares To Host 3rd Short Nite Film Festival

Fortnitemares To Host 3rd Short Nite Film Festival

113355 Fortnitemares To Host 3rd Short Nite Film Festival

Fortnite has grown to become one of the most popular action games of our age. The smash-hit title started a new tradition this year with animated short film festivals, having done two this year. Now, as part of its annual Fortnitemares Halloween event, the game will be hosting its third film festival, according to Epic Games.

The Fortnitemares film festival will focus on spooky shorts

Those who are into the spooky and macabre should like this little showcase. In the spirit of Halloween, Fornite will be showing several animated shorts by up-and-coming independent animators, as with the other film festivals. This time, however, these will lean more toward the spooky side of things.

Usually, the film festivals are held on the combat-free map called “Party Royale.” The films would be “projected” on a screen out in the open. Players would watch the films play in an infinite loop.


For Fortnitemares, the film festival will take place on a custom-built Fortnite map made by Quantum Builds. Instead of taking place outside, it seems this festival will take place in a theater setting with different rooms. Each room will be dedicated to an individual film, and the players will even be able to play them on-demand.

Fortnite is also going other things for Fornitemares

Fortnitemares is a tradition for the company, and aside from the film festival, there will be other goodies for fans. Each day of October, there will be new Halloween-themed content for players. This includes new maps, skins, and modes. It seems that Fornite is going all out this year compared to the years prior.

There will also be content that connects this whole story that Fornite established. Players are wondering what’s going on with this weird giant cube that randomly appeared in the game, and the odd alternate dimension. By the end of the month, the user base might finally know what’s going on.


Other Epic Games news includes a new achievement system

People who play Epic Games a lot will know that the company unveiled an achievement system last year. It wasn’t really much, and it left players wanting more. Because of this, the company just unveiled a new achievement system that will be coming out in the following weeks.

The new system will have more achievements that the player can unlock and use to gain XP. As you earn more XP in the game, you will unlock different medals ranging from bronze to platinum. This system looks like it will make playing the games just a bit more satisfying to play.

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