6888 Galaxy S22 Connectivity Test Shows Blazing Speeds

Galaxy S22 Connectivity Test Shows Blazing Speeds

126268 Galaxy S22 Connectivity Test Shows Blazing Speeds

The Galaxy S22 is probably one of the hottest phones of 2022. It just recently launched, and reviewers are giving it high marks for performance, camera quality, and features. A connectivity test done by PCMag lets us know that the Galaxy S22 also has amazing connection speeds.

Galaxy S22 connectivity test shows amazing speeds

In today’s connected world, it’s important that our connected devices have a firm grip on the internet. This is why so much effort goes into a phone’s signal modem. How well a device connects to the internet can be make-or-break for the experience as a whole.

The folks at PCMag took two Galaxy S22 phones and put their signal modems through their paces. The results they found were rather spectacular. PCMag took a Galaxy S22+ and a Galaxy S21 FE on Verizon and compared their performance. The Galaxy S22 was able to get nearly twice as many megabits per second down as the S21 FE.


On T-Mobile, they compared a Galaxy S22 Ultra and I Galaxy S21 Ultra. Again, the S22 Ultra was able to get a much better speed than the S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S22 phones are using Qualcomm’s X65 modem, and that contributes to the overall amazing speed.

This is another slap to the face of Google

Right now, Samsung really seems to be showing Google up in several categories. Recently, Samsung announced that its phones will be getting four years of software updates, which is more than Google’s 3 years of software updates. Also, Samsung’s one UI4 seems to be more stable than Google’s own stock Android.

Now, Samsung’s phones are connecting better than Google’s Pixel 6 phones. Pixel 6 users across the board have been reporting very poor signal reception regardless of the carrier they use. Being a pixel user, I can personally vouch for this.


The pixel 6 uses Google’s own tensor SoC with a modem provided by Samsung. The Tensor Chip has been performing pretty well in the phone, but as expected, there’s still room for improvement. This is a first generation chip, and it means it isn’t as refined as the competition.

Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm have been making their own chips for years at this point, so those chips are obviously much more refined and fine-tuned than Google’s Tensor Chip. We’re all looking forward to the next generation of Tensor Chip and how it will improve upon the current Tensor Chip. The Galaxy S22 connectivity test just lets us know that with every new platform, there are growing pains.

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