7395 Galaxy S9 Getting March Update Before Newer Phones

Galaxy S9 Getting March Update Before Newer Phones

128045 Galaxy S9 Getting March Update Before Newer Phones

When buying a new phone, one thing to look at is how long it will be supported with software updates. This is one thing that Samsung knows, as, According to Sam Mobile, it’s pushing the latest March security patch to its four-year-old Galaxy S9 phones.

This is definitely significant because Google itself (ya know, the company that OWNS Android) just dropped its three-year-old Pixel 3a phones from its beta program. This really puts Google in a bad light because you’d expect the company that develops the software to give it better support. However, Samsung surpassed Google when it comes to software updates.

Samsung is updating its four-year-old Galaxy S9 phones

The largest Android phone manufacturer is pushing the March 2022 security patch to its Galaxy S9 phones. These phones were released back in 2018. For reference, that’s the year that the Pixel 3, the LG G7, the OnePlus 6, and other relics launched. That was before the punch-hole craze started and 120Hz displays were a new thing.


In any case, it’s great seeing an Android company supporting its phones for so long. In all honesty, Apple is really kicking Android’s butt when it comes to software support. Some six-year-old iPhones are still getting updates; not only updates but major platform upgrades. Imagine the Nexus 6P getting Android 12 (that sounds outlandish).

So, Samsung is the best Android company when it comes to software updates. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the Galaxy S9 phones are getting their update before modern phones. This means that phones released as recently as last year are still waiting on their updates.

In Other Samsung News: Samsung lifted the game performance limit on Galaxy S22 phones

Things aren’t all good and cheery over at Samsung’s camp, however. The company made headlines recently for how aggressively it throttled its phones’ performance while gaming. People found that the company was shaving up to 50% of its phones’ performance when it played games.


This didn’t look good on the company, as these phones came with really powerful chipsets. However, Samsung, reportedly, lifted this limit. We all get that companies throttle their performance while under a heavy load to reduce heat. However, the company really took it a step too far.

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