4260 Genshin Impact Wraps Up The Inazuma Story In Sep. With Patch 2.1

Genshin Impact Wraps Up The Inazuma Story In Sep. With Patch 2.1

108845 Genshin Impact Wraps Up The Inazuma Story In Sep. With Patch 2.1

The miHoYo team is preparing for the launch of Genshin Impact patch 2.1, which lands in the beginning of September. The new update will wrap up the main storyline for the game’s newly released Inazuma region, which launched alongside patch 2.0.

Patch 2.1 is titled Floating World Under The Moonlight. And will bring a wealth of new content including new main story quests. In addition, players who have a PS5 will be finally be able to grab the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration character, Aloy. Which will be a free 5-star bow user with unique abilities. Players will be able to claim this character at no charge, and without having to spend currency in the Wish system.

All they have to do is sign into the game on PS5 or PS4 and the character will be added to their roster. For the time being, Aloy will be exclusive to PS5 and PS4 users. But down the line miHoYo will eventually hand out the character to all users across all platforms.


Genshin Impact patch 2.1 arrives on September 1

It’s just under two weeks out from the arrival of Genshin Impact patch 2.1. So if you’re not ready for the new content you may want to prepare. This includes unlocking the new Inazuma region and getting through all or most of the regional main story content.

In the new patch, players will have a chance to pick up three new characters. As always, these will be available during their own events throughout the patch. So they won’t all be dropped on September 1. But miHoYo does introduce all the new characters ahead of time. This gives players the opportunity to figure out which one they may want to save their currency for.

As part of the patch, there will also be two new islands added to the Inazuma region. So there will be lots more to explore. miHoYo has also released a new trailer to go along with the patch, which you can view below.


Meet the new characters

Some of Genshin Impact’s most exciting content are the characters. Of which there are many. And patch 2.1 is introducing three more. This includes Raiden Shogun, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Kujou Sara.

Both Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi will have story quests that introduce them to the player. However obtaining them will require users to pull them from the Wish system. Alongside the new characters, the patch will also be introducing a new event for the season, called called the Moonchase Festival.

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