1096 Google Photos Rolling Out A 2020 Photo Book Called A ‘Year In Review’

Google Photos Rolling Out A 2020 Photo Book Called A ‘Year In Review’

89071 Google Photos Rolling Out A 2020 Photo Book Called A 'Year In Review'

As per a new report by 9to5Google, Google is now rolling out new functionality for its Photos app. Apparently, it added a new ‘Year in Review’ feature which shows users a recap from the past 12 months.

Notably, this Google Photos Year in Review feature will appear on the Memories carousel within the Photos app. Year in Review will showcase your entire photo collection via a 2020 Photo book.

You can relive the moments you have spent this year. It is a nice way to recap all the old memories and the happy times that you have spent in 2020.


Once this feature is available, both the Android and iOS users will see the ‘Year in Review’ feature on the app. You can tap the edges to move back or forward. Moreover, you can pause by pressing and holding onto a photo.

The date and location will be noted at the top. Users can also make use of the share and overflow button located at the corner to view all the photos from a particular day.

Google usually names such creation as ‘Best of 2019’ or ‘Best of 2018’. However, this year, it has stuck with a more basic name ‘Year in Review.’

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The “Preview book” button lets you create an annual photo book

Lastly, there is a “Preview book” button. It lets the user create an annual photo book. Good thing is that, since this is a personalized photo book, users can add/delete images like usual. Preview book is a nice feature that will feature all of your memories of 2020.

The new feature has been reported for some users. Note that this Google Photos Year in Review feature is not available for Google Photos on the web.

The Preview book on Google Photos has a cover and spine. You can also edit the inside cover of your personalized Preview book. It should be noted that this feature is rolling out gradually. So, it may take some time before it arrives for every Google Photos user.


Those who wish to check out the new feature should make sure that they have the latest version of the Google Photos app installed on their Android or iOS device.

If the feature is still not available for your device, then you should probably wait for some time for it to arrive on your phone. Google has recently added Memories feature the showcases images that matter to you the most, based on the photos you upload.

Additionally, it also added a new feature called Cinematic photos that uses machine learning to produce a 3D representation of a scene that shows a smooth panning effect on the image.

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