2522 Google Pixel Popularity Has Decreased Significantly Over 2 Years

Google Pixel Popularity Has Decreased Significantly Over 2 Years

97026 Google Pixel Popularity Has Decreased Significantly Over 2 Years

The popularity of Google Pixel devices has decreased pretty significantly over the last couple of years. This is according to a report from SellCell, which notes the percentage of Pixel device users who are willing (or not willing) to stick with the brand.

Based on the data from the report, since 2019 the popularity of the Pixel phone has decreased by almost 19%. While that doesn’t really spell doom and gloom for the Pixel brand, it’s not exactly what Google wants. Surely.

Early on and for at least the first couple of generations, Pixel phones became more and more popular. The brand loyalty was consistently high thanks to Google’s excellent cameras that were always highly rated. Not to mention the lightning quick updates to the latest version of Android every year. But it seems more and more people these days are considering a switch to other phone manufacturers.


This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking at switching from Android. Just to a different Android brand. Such as Samsung or LG.

Google Pixel popularity is down by 18.8%

In total the drop in brand loyalty has reached 18.8%. That’s 34.8% of Pixel owners that are thinking of switching to a different phone brand. While the remaining 65.2% intend to stick with Google for their next device.

This means that the majority of users are still willing to stay with Pixel. But the percentages aren’t the only important number to keep in mind. SellCell’s survey only accounts for 405 responses. And there are many, many more Pixel device users than that.

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With that said, it’s impossible to know how many out of all Pixel device owners are either staying or going. Since not all owners were surveyed on this question. Still, it shows that there is some number of users who have considered trying out another brand. And it’s likely that if more people were included in the survey that more people would indicate a plan to switch.

It isn’t just Google

A decrease in brand loyalty is never ideal, but Google isn’t the only one on this track. Samsung has seen a decrease in brand loyalty over the same period of time.

Moving from 85.7% to a flat 74%. Which is a decrease of 11.7% the same time in 2019. Should this really be all that surprising to anyone? That depends. But considering all of the exciting new phones that come out these days, it’s at least somewhat relatable to show interest in another brand. As there are a lot of cool devices out there.


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