Google TV Ambient Mode Gets Cards To Show Select App/Service Info

5123 Google TV Ambient Mode Gets Cards To Show Select App/Service Info

113747 Google TV Ambient Mode Gets Cards To Show Select App/Service Info

Google TV is set for a huge upgrade in the coming days. According to the latest report, the Ambient Mode on Google TV will soon get support for cards. These cards will show you information from select apps and services.

Google recently announced the availability of user profiles for Google TV. Now, adding to the feature list, Ambient mode will get cards you can set to show weather information or sports scores.

The information from select apps and services on Ambient mode will be shown on “Glanceable” cards on Google TV. It will appear for the first few minutes while the TV is idle.


You would be able to scroll through the contents, even while the cards are visible. Moreover, you could also start the slideshow of your images from Google Photos, or hop onto the Google TV interface.

These newly introduced Google TV Ambient mode cards will show information that is primarily fed by Google Assistant. This includes weather, sports scores, news, and other information that you would usually find using Google Assistant.

Google TV Ambient mode cards will begin rolling out after user profiles

Google TV interface is the best, as it links information, such as movies and shows, from other streaming services. User profiles, another incoming feature is also a part of this big upgrade.


It will let users set up multiple profiles. So, you would soon be able to have a personalized space for all members of your family. Since the Google TV experience is basically meant to provide a personalized touch, the ability to add multiple user profiles is great.

Google will let you create up to 12 user profiles, which is more than enough. Users will get personalized movies or show recommendations based on their activity. The company is also adding support for kids’ profiles.

The kids’ profiles will be manageable by a parent or guardian. The Ambient mode cards will make this experience more personalized, as they will also include information from both first and third-party music apps.


The company says that it will begin rolling out the Ambient mode cards and user profiles feature on Chromecast with Google TV and Google TV’s from Sony and TCL ‘soon’. As said by Google to 9To5Google, the features should show up sometime around November.

Besides, the user profiles feature would arrive sooner than the Ambient cards feature. Do note that the availability of these features may vary depending on the device manufacturers.

Google TV Ambient Mode cards


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