5332 Google Unveils Android 12L Update Schedule

Google Unveils Android 12L Update Schedule

115457 Google Unveils Android 12L Update Schedule

It seems that Google is putting a lot more work into software this year. Not only was Android 12 a large departure from what we’ve seen over the years, but the company is working on a version of Android that’s optimized for tablets and foldable phones. In a recent blog post, Google revealed the update schedule for Android 12L.

According to the update schedule, the Android 12L beta will begin soon

Google provided a rough outline of the update schedule for Android 12L. Right now, it’s in the developer preview phase and has been since October. Starting sometime in December, the company will release an official beta for nine Pixel devices including the Pixel 3 phones. There were no specific dates given, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when the OTA will land.

Google refers to the current developer preview as the “Priority window for feedback on APIs.” This is primarily to find the major bugs in the software, and the first beta is meant to continue that progress. Google urges users to notify SDK and library developers of issues.


In January 2022, Google will release the second beta. This one will be the beginning of the end for the beta. In this version, Google urges developers to start their final compatibility testing for their apps. This version should be pretty close to the final product, but there will be one more update in February. Since most of the changes will have been made with the first beta, the final beta won’t bring any major changes.

The final release is not specified

Google was able to give us information on the betas, but the final release date is a mystery. In the schedule, it just says that it’s scheduled to release in Q1 of next year. We can expect the stable version to launch soon after the third beta. If it’s slated to release in Q1, then it should launch before the end of March. Since this isn’t a large overhaul of the software, we don’t expect finalizing the software to take too long.

Android 12L is a version of Android for tablets and foldable phones

If you’re confused about what Android 12L is, it’s a version that’s made for big screens. Users have been begging for this for years. Google will finally deliver this, and so far, it’s looking pretty good. Changes include dividing the notification shade into two columns, using a grid pattern for the recent apps, and adding a new dock at the bottom of the screen. Those using the beta on phones will, unfortunately, not be able to see these differences.


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