12122 Google warned its staff about using AI chatbots

Google warned its staff about using AI chatbots

155459 Google warned its staff about using AI chatbots

Google staff should be more cautious when using AI chatbots, including the company’s tool Bard. The tech giant has issued a warning to Google staff to warn them about sharing business data with AI chatbots.

Using AI-driven chatbots is booming among users. However, even the employees sometimes use these tools to gather information about a topic or solve a glitch. The problem is employees might share confidential company data with a chatbot. As you might know, data shared with a chatbot remains in the chatbot servers and will be used to enrich the database.

It was reported in early April that ChatGPT leaked Samsung semiconductor information after the company’s employees shared source codes with the tool. At the time, Samsung applied precautionary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Now, Google is taking the same path by asking employees not to enter confidential materials into AI chatbots.

Google employees should not enter confidential data into AI chatbots

The tech giant is also asking engineers and programmers not to use the codes generated by AI chatbots. Google noted that it prefers to stay transparent about its products’ limitations while knowing Bard can make undesired code suggestions.


“Don’t include confidential or sensitive information in your Bard conversations,” Google noted in its updated privacy notice.

Google Bard is yet an “experimental” product for the company that aims to expand to more markets in the coming years. Bard could soon be available in 180 countries and 40 languages.

Unsurprisingly, the European watchdogs have recently asked Google to explain Bard’s impact on privacy before an official launch in the continent. The company met with Ireland’s Data Protection Commission to discuss the topic.

Google’s rivalry with Microsoft in the search market is becoming increasingly sensitive for the company. Relying on ChatGPT and OpenAI initiatives, Microsoft is turning Bing into a stubborn rival for Google Search. In the coming years, traditional search engines might be wiped out complementary and replaced by an AI chatbot.


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