3367 Here’s A Luxury Smartwatch You May Actually Want To Buy

Here’s A Luxury Smartwatch You May Actually Want To Buy

102747 Here's A Luxury Smartwatch You May Actually Want To Buy

Bugatti is a name renowned for its prowess in hyper car engineering, and the company is now stepping out of its comfort zone to release a line of smartwatches.

There will be three smartwatches in total, each one being themed after a particular Bugatti hyper sports cars. Though all three of them carry the same base level design, there will be subtle differences on the watch case bezel. And it appears, at least from the images, that each one will have a watch face unique to that model.

Officially called the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One, they retail for €899 and come in the Pur Sport, Le Noire, and DIVO variations. Worth noting though is that these are introductory prices. The watches are also being sold on Kickstarter, so the watches aren’t immediately available. When they do launch, though, the normal retail cost will bump up to €1,239.


Bugatti says its smartwatches offer up to two weeks of battery life

Most luxury smartwatches that are available at this point are running on Wear OS. Though Wear OS is an established smartwatch operating system, it has terrible battery life and not the best performance.

These watches from Bugatti though, come with up to a two-week battery life. To make these, Bugatti partnered with a company named VIITA, which also created an in-house operating system for these watches. In addition to the long battery life, they’ll also feature things like a waterproof rating up to 100 meters.

They come with a sapphire glass display, too, as well as a scratch-resistant ceramic housing for the watch case itself. As far as the technological features go, there’s a heart rate sensor on board and a blood oxygen saturation sensor. There’s even built-in GPS tracking.


Though the watches seem rather pricey, because they are, Bugatti and VIITA are at least giving consumers some extras. Each watch comes with two different straps. One made of Titanium that is meant for “special occasions” and a more everyday silicone strap.

Buying one of these also gets you a few other snazzy bonuses. Such as a wooden box that the watch comes in, a magnetic USB-C charger, and a 5-year warranty should anything go wrong with it. Those things may not exactly be cause for such a high price tag. But even at its full retail price it’s a better option than some of its competitors.

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