Here’s How Much The Pixel 6 Will Cost In Germany

113410 Here's How Much The Pixel 6 Will Cost In Germany

By now, almost everything there is to know about the Pixel 6 is out there, and as of today this includes the cost. As spotted by 9To5Google, a leaked retail ad for a store in Germany shows the cost of the Pixel 6. Google’s upcoming phone set to debut this month.

Yesterday, Google confirmed the coming of its next Pixel event. It happens on October 19, so it won’t be long before this information is made official.

But as is par for the course, more leaks have surfaced to chip away at the last remnants of mystery the Pixel 6 series had left. In this case one of the few remaining unknowns was the price.


The Pixel 6 will cost €649 in Germany

Pixel 6 Leaked Retail Ad

The one big thing to keep in mind here is that this is not a US price listing. So while the cost is likely to be $649 here in the US, it’s not guaranteed. That is however the most plausible scenario. As Google tends to price things in many regions at the same amount in their local currencies.

This isn’t the case with every product of course. In addition to the cost, the retail ad that was leaked also showcases a few key specifications. Based on the ad, Google will be offering a 128GB model of the Pixel 6. It’ll come with an 8MP front camera, 8GB of RAM, and a sizeable 4,620mAh battery.


Sure it’s no ROG Phone 5 battery, but it’s more than some of Google’s past Pixel devices. Lastly, the ad also seems to confirm the release date of the phone. Which is due to be October 27. Just 8 days after Google’s official event reveal.

This suggests that globally, the Pixel 6 will arrive the same day. Consumers can also expect the Pixel 6 Pro to be available at this time as well.

The Pixel 6 Pro price is still technically unknown

The ad mentions the Pixel 6, but not the Pixel 6 Pro. So there’s no leaked price point for the bigger of the two devices. Having said that, the €649 price point does at least give consumers a baseline to go off of.


And the price of the Pixel 6 Pro has been rumored, with the phone potentially coming to market at €899. Whether or not that pans out remains to be seen.

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