2094 How To Check How Much Google One Storage You’ve Used

How To Check How Much Google One Storage You’ve Used

93700 How To Check How Much Google One Storage You've Used

With Google getting rid of zero-rating some documents and photos on Google Drive and Google Photos later this year, the amount of storage you use in Google One is more important than ever. Google does give you 15GB of storage for free. That works out to 5GB for Gmail, 5GB for Google Drive and 5GB for Google Photos. But you aren’t limited to 5GB per service, thankfully.

Note: If you did the Security Checkup a few years ago, you were given an additional 2GB of storage, which is never going away. 

Later this year, Google is going to start counting Google Docs and photos uploaded at “high resolution” as part of your storage. Meaning everything in your account is going to use up some space. That’s unfortunate for those of us that use Google storage for literally everything, and store all sorts of documents in our account. So you’re going to want to keep tabs on your Google Storage. And here’s how you can do it.


How To Check Your Google Account Storage

There are a few different ways that you can get to your storage page. In Gmail, Drive or Photos, you can click on the Storage bar at the bottom of the page. On Gmail, it’s at the bottom of your email list, while Drive and Photos has it at the bottom of the left sidebar.

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This will open the following page, which is part of Google One.

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Here you can see what is using your storage, as well as ways to free up storage. And of course, how to add more storage to your account.

If you’re near the limit, Google will send you notifications that you’re running out of space. And want you to upgrade to get more storage. But there will be tools to help you manage your storage, by freeing up some space. There are already some tools available, but they will be bolstered in the coming months.


You can upgrade to 100GB of storage for $1.99 per month. 200GB will cost you $2.99, and 2TB is $9.99. There are other options, including up to 30TB for $99 per month. Which is actually a good deal if you need that much storage.

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