2081 How To Take 108MP Pictures With Galaxy S21 Ultra

How To Take 108MP Pictures With Galaxy S21 Ultra

93556 How To Take 108MP Pictures With Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 108MP sensor, but when you’re using the camera, you don’t actually get 108-megapixel pictures. Instead, you are getting 12MP pictures. The reason for this is pixel binning. It basically takes the data from the 108MP picture, and forms it into nine 12MP pictures. Giving you better detail (especially in low light) without a huge file size.

But, on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can still opt to take photos in the full 108MP resolution if you wish. It’s a pretty easy setting to change, but we wouldn’t recommend keeping it on all the time, as it can really use up your storage. And since there is no micro SD card slot available this year, that storage needs to be conserved.

How To Take 108MP Pictures With Galaxy S21 Ultra

First up, you’ll need to open the camera app on your Galaxy S21 Ultra


Make sure you are in “Photo” mode, and that you are using the main sensor. That would show the icon with two trees in it, or the second from the left.

Screenshot 20210215 121412 Camera

Now tap on the 9:16 icon at the top. It’s almost centered, and next to the timer icon.

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Here, you will see five options, with the one on the far left saying 3:4 108MP. Tap on that.

Screenshot 20210215 121417 Camera

Now, you are taking photos in the full resolution. You may notice that your phone is a bit slower to grab the photo, and that’s because 108 megapixels is a lot of data. You will also notice that it uses up a lot of space. A single 108 megapixel photo can take up 16MB of storage. Compared to a regular 12MP photo that is about 2-3MB of storage. Which is why we don’t recommend using this option all the time.


Screenshot 20210215 121424 Camera

But that is how you can take full advantage of the 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and get larger images.

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