Huawei created a furor among visitors at CES 2019 when it showcased its upcoming foldable phone that admittedly looked more futuristic than the prototype Samsung had shown. A lot has changed, however, between then and now. While the South Korean giant is now making the finest foldables on the market, its Chinese rival has been crippled by the US trade ban. Huawei isn’t giving up, though, and is set to launch its next folding phone —  the Mate X2 — later this month.

The company announced this on Weibo with a post that confirms the upcoming phone’s name and teases its design. The graphic almost seems intentionally misleading, making us unsure whether it shows a display that folds outwards or inwards. The original Mate X had the screen on the outside, but that wasn’t the most popular decision so we wouldn’t be surprised if this one had its screen tucked away on the inside when folded.

Little else is known about the phone, but it’ll likely share hardware with last year’s flagship Mate 40 Pro. The naming scheme also suggests that this will be a more drastic upgrade than the Mate Xs, which was announced last year. Huawei has showcased impressive hardware in the past, and we might see more of it with the upcoming launch. But it’s hard to be as excited knowing that the phone will probably never make it out of China or run Google apps.