12153 Microsoft is not buying SEGA

Microsoft is not buying SEGA

155722 Microsoft is not buying SEGA

Microsoft has been on a perpetual buying spree, as the company is still fighting to buy Activision-Blizzard. Amid this purchase, rumors spread that it was going to swoop up SEGA. However, according to a new report from Bloomberg (via Engadget), Microsoft is not buying SEGA.

News like this might surprise some folks. We’ve known about SEGA’s close partnership with Microsoft for several years. The two companies have been close with several games making Xbox consoles their home. We can’t deny that having a partner as powerful as Microsoft is a good call.

With such a close partnership, we all wondered if SEGA and Microsoft were going to take their relationship to the next level. Given Microsoft’s track record, that’s not an absurd assumption.

However, Microsoft is not buying SEGA

Instead of saddling up with Microsoft, SEGA has decided to maintain its independence. Shuji Utsumi, the company’s COO, spoke to Bloomberg. He confirmed that the company isn’t open to being acquired. This is despite the rumors that Microsoft had SEGA in its sights for future purchases.


The company is, in fact, looking to keep its independence. In all honesty, we feel that this decision was inspired by the success of Sonic Frontiers. There was a lot of hype leading up to this game’s release (rightfully so, as it’s A LOT OF FUN), and it was able to sell very well. If the game has bombed, we’re certain that the company would be singing a different tune.

Speaking as a SEGA fan

Honestly, it’s good to see SEGA sticking it out. We’re seeing a lot of companies being bought out by larger companies, but SEGA is one of the last OG gaming empires. Sure, it’s definitely fallen from grace, but it was one of the dominant forces in video games in the 90s with its great 1st-party games and amazing systems.

It had an identity that was purely “SEGA”, and that was a refreshing change of pace from Nintendo. While the company’s not as big as it was back then, we’re still rooting for the company to pull itself out of its slump.

Honestly, with titles like Sonic Frontiers (again, really fun!), and the upcoming Sonic Superstars, it looks like the company is still going strong. Also, we can’t forget about Yakuza, Persona, Bayonetta, and other franchises under SEGA’s belt.


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