4568 Nothing Is Stronger Than Family: Luna Gets A Family Channel

Nothing Is Stronger Than Family: Luna Gets A Family Channel

110605 Nothing Is Stronger Than Family: Luna Gets A Family Channel

Amazon announced a host of new updates to its Luna service today, and among them is a new Family Channel. That makes three total channels that subscribers can access, the first two being the Luna+ Channel and the Ubisoft+ Channel that have been available since the launch of the beta.

Luna also now works on Fire Tablets and Chromebooks. Slowly but surely, Amazon is making moves to expand Luna’s reach. Bolstering the service with new device support and new features. And of course, new games that are added every month.

With the Family Channel, Luna subscribers will get a curated list of games. All games will naturally be family-friendly, making it the perfect channel to subscribe to if you want to play games with your kids. Or simply let your kids play games that you know will be appropriate.


Amazon will add new games to the Luna Family Channel over time

To begin with, the Family Channel will have more than 35 games available. This will include games like SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, Garfield Kart – Furious Racing, Monster Truck Championship, Space Otter Charlie, DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn Of New Raiders, Transformers: Battlegrounds, and tons more.

Amazon is also adding SkateBIRD to the channel later this month. Beyond what’s already there, Amazon is promising to add more games to the curated list over time. The company doesn’t mention exactly how often games will be tossed in there. Or whether or not they’ll all be new additions to the service.

But Amazon does tend to add a few new games to Luna every month. So it’s possible parents could expect new games in the Family Channel just as often.

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All games are rated E for Everyone or E10+

As a parent, you would understandably want to make sure that if you’re letting your kids play games, they’re appropriate for their age. That’s why Amazon is making sure that all games in the Family Channel are rated E for Everyone or E10+.

Amazon says that many of the games in this channel also support local co-op and local multiplayer. And with new device support today it’s even easier for families to enjoy games together with the Luna service. Luna is available via a wide array of different devices including Fire TVs, Fire Tablets, Chromebooks, Chrome browsers, Windows and Mac PCs, iOS, and Android devices.

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