586 Now Sign In & Save Passwords On Google Chrome Without Syncing

Now Sign In & Save Passwords On Google Chrome Without Syncing

85900 Now Sign In & Save Passwords On Google Chrome Without Syncing

In an official Chromium blog, Google says it is improving Google Chrome sync. Apparently, now you can sign in and save passwords on Google Chrome without syncing.

Yes. You now do not need to have Chrome sync enabled to save your login credentials or payment information. Google Chrome is now getting a new way to sign in via a single tap using any of the previously used accounts on the device.

Notably, by doing this, Google aims to provide more seamless payments and password management experience to the Google Chrome users.


As per the official blog, previously, you had to turn the Google Chrome sync on, to save your payment information and passwords to your Google Account. This made it difficult for those who, for some reason, did not enable the Chrome sync feature.

Although Google tweaked Chrome, which allowed users to fill out credit card details, even if you don’t switch on the browser’s sync feature, it was not available for signing in and payment details.

Thankfully, after the arrival of these latest features, the payment and password management experience on Chrome will be seamless for all signed-in users, whether or not they’re using Chrome sync.

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A single tap option will allow users to autofill their payment & login information

Going forward, Google will be introducing a single tap option. This Google Chrome single tap option will autofill the login or payment information stored in the Google account.

This would negate the need to have the Chrome sync enabled or re-enter your credentials. Users only need to enter their CVC or authenticate their identity with biometrics to confirm the payments.

Moreover, you will also be able to save and use a new card along with its details on your Google account. The same will be in the case with sign in passwords.


Previously saved passwords on your account will be auto-filled by Chrome, even if the sync feature is turned off. You will also be able to save new passwords to your account. And you will also be able to access them across all your devices.

All in all, this new feature would make the experience of buying stuff online pretty seamless and easy. All you gotta do is confirm your CVC or biometric authentication and bam! You are good to go.

As far as when this new feature will make its way to Chrome, Google said that it plans on bringing Chrome password and payment single tap feature over the next few months.

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