1217 Panasonic Promises Very Low Latency Gaming On PS5 With Its New TV

Panasonic Promises Very Low Latency Gaming On PS5 With Its New TV

89801 Panasonic Promises Very Low Latency Gaming On PS5 With Its New TV

Panasonic is a longstanding well-known consumer electronics brand that is seemingly prepared for the PS5 and Xbox Series X with its latest TV.

Called the JZ2000, this TV is part of Panasonic’s 2021 lineup, which it just announced for CES 2021. It comes with more than a few gaming-related features, chief among them being very low latency gaming for next-gen console owners.

While that’s not the only feature on board that caters to gamers, low latency is an important one. So if it’s as low as Panasonic is promising (one of the very lowest for an OLED panel), it should fair well against competition.


The panel is also sporting some pretty slim bezels on the top and sides. So gaming should feel pretty immersive at times too.

Panasonic wants PS5 and Xbox Series X owners to consider its new TV

If you have a next-gen console would you consider Panasonic’s new JZ2000 TV? Panasonic hopes you will. And if pricing is competitive and ship dates aren’t too far out, maybe you should.

Panasonic hasn’t announced any release dates for the TV yet nor has it announced any pricing for either of the two sizes that this TV comes in. Which are 55-inches and 65-inches.

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It does however plan to sell them this year at some point. So these may be worth keeping an eye on if you already have or plan to pick up one of the next-gen consoles. Even if you play most of your console games on current-gen models, this might still be a good TV option for future proofing.

Light on specs details, but Panasonic says the TV provides a boost to gaming performance

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are powerful upgrades for console gamers. But the increases in performance can only go so far if you don’t have the other hardware to support those increases.

Panasonic didn’t really give out specific details about the specs of this new TV. So it’s unclear whether or not it supports things like the 120Hz refresh rate that both consoles have been highlighting as one of the big new features.


What the company does mention is that it’s powered by an AI-tuned HCX Pro processor. Which it says brings in a pretty significant boost to gaming performance. Meanwhile a new mode called Game Mode Extreme promises to help cut down on lag and there is support for both variable refresh rates and HDMI 2.1.

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