808 PhotoRoom Offers Clean, Easy Photo Background Removal On Android

PhotoRoom Offers Clean, Easy Photo Background Removal On Android

87192 PhotoRoom Offers Clean, Easy Photo Background Removal On Android

French startup PhotoRoom has now officially launched its photo background removal and replacement utility on Android. The recently reported app was already making waves on iOS since mid-2020. Summarily, the app delivers everything the full branding — PhotoRoom – Remove Background & Create Pro Photos — implies.

More succinctly, PhotoRoom provides an easy way to get professional results when it comes to removing everything but the subject from photos. And allowing that background to be swapped out and replaced to a similar end.

What exactly is PhotoRoom – Remove Background & Create Pro Photos?

As noted above, PhotoRoom utilizes machine learning AI to detect different parts of a photo. In particular, it lets users blur or delete and replace image backgrounds or crop photos. But it also allows sticker creation and comes with a number of templates and other tools. And that’s just the starting point for the app.


PhotoRoom’s biggest features revolve around image background manipulation. Via the “most accurate” background detection and eraser on the market, according to the company.

But PhotoRoom utilizes AI-generated data for any number of purposes from the professional to the everyday. For example, users can create professional-level e-commerce and marketplace images for their shops on Poshmark, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Facebook marketplace, and more. All using the built-in tools to crop, color pop, collage, and sticker their product images.

Conversely, those same tools can be used to make portrait and profile pics for business or social media channels. Or to create professional-grade images for a passport or other official documents. There are also tools to create cover images for various social media sites.

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This photo tool is free to use but there’s a ‘Pro’ variant that extends beyond background removal too

That all makes it a great tool, free to use, for resellers, businesses, and creators. And this might just be the best photo-editing app for just about anybody else too. At least that might be the case for PhotoRoom when it comes to photo background removal and manipulation. But there are also extras available for those who want to pay for the Pro subscription.

For a yearly cost of $49.99, users can remove the PhotoRoom watermark from their creations and export images at a higher resolution. That includes batch exporting to allow more than one file to be exported at once. Pro mode also unlocks access to three Pro Cutout options, including standard, person, or object cutouts. And the backgrounds can be replaced with any of the options found in the pro-level backdrop library as well with a paid subscription.

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