5358 Pixel 6 Gains Support For Camera-Based Health Tracking

Pixel 6 Gains Support For Camera-Based Health Tracking

116168 Pixel 6 Gains Support For Camera-Based Health Tracking

The Google Pixel 6 is getting respiratory and heart rate tracking features via the camera, courtesy of the Google Fit app. However, the feature is available in “early access,” so it’s likely not fully ready yet.

9to5Google first came across the feature on the Pixel 6. Users are reportedly getting disclaimers that the feature is getting “fine-tuned and may be removed.”

The ability to check the heart and respiratory rates using the camera wasn’t available with the Pixel 6 series at launch. This new addition appears to be Google’s way of remedying the absence, albeit with a disclaimer suggesting it may not be perfect. It’s likely that the feature didn’t make the original cut on the Pixel 6 series due to the relative distance between the flash and the camera.


Flashlight support is seemingly missing on the Google Fit app for the Pixel 6

Although the Fit app on older Pixels has a dedicated button to enable the flashlight, the option appears to be missing on the Pixel 6. This means getting an accurate reading requires a well-lit environment.

It seems like the early access feature hasn’t been optimized for the newer Pixels. Moreover, the app also shows graphics from older Pixels. 9to5Google notes that respiratory rate tracking on the Pixel 6 is also at an early stage.

Users can find these tracking features via the Home tab on Google Fit. Users can also head over to Browse – Vitals to track their respiratory or heart rate. The Fit app brought the ability to track health metrics via the Pixel camera in March this year.


Meanwhile, the Pixel 6 is facing some challenges, with many device-related issues surfacing since its release. Several users have complained about the new Pixels taking forever to register fingerprints. In response to the growing concern, Google said this was due to “enhanced security algorithms.”

Although Google didn’t go beyond this explanation, things could likely change with a future Pixel Feature Drop. It’s worth pointing out that phones like the OnePlus 9 also use an in-display fingerprint scanner. However, they can register fingerprints significantly faster than the Pixel 6.

Additionally, there were some concerns about a screen flicker on the Pixel 6. Google has since acknowledged the “display residual light” bug, adding that it will be fixed through a software update in December.


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