2628 Razer’s Futuristic Looking Project Hazel Mask Concept Is Real

Razer’s Futuristic Looking Project Hazel Mask Concept Is Real

97823 Razer's Futuristic Looking Project Hazel Mask Concept Is Real

Back during CES, Razer showed off one of its concept products called Project Hazel. A sustainable mask that’s not only reusable, but has a pretty slick design to it.

At the time, the Project Hazel concept was just that, a concept. And many people weren’t sure whether or not Razer was planning on actually making the mask to produce. There was some speculation that Razer was intending to sell it at some point in the future.

It made sense. And given that Razer had already converted a bunch of its manufacturing lines to make single-use surgical masks at the start of the pandemic, it was already invested in helping to ensure people can stay safe while having to venture out.


But it wasn’t until very recently, this week in fact, that Razer confirmed it will turn Project Hazel into a reality.

Razer confirms its Project Hazel concept will be a reality

Speaking with Yahoo Finance, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan noted that he believes the world will, “unfortunately be wearing masks for a long time to come.” While this isn’t necessarily something people are eager to do, people still do it. For safety reasons.

And because it’s better than taking the risk that you could be exposed. To that end, Tan and Razer will forge ahead on this path to solve the sustainable mask issue.

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Some will undoubtedly see the coming of the mask now as unnecessary. Because the US and other countries around the globe are now in the very early phases of getting people vaccinated. Finally. But it seems unlikely that everyone who wants to be will be vaccinated by the end of the year.

Some countries may take much longer to get vaccinations out to the majority of their population. Beyond that, many experts are still recommending that even with vaccinations, masks still be worn when you have to leave home to go anywhere where you have to be around other people.

Anyone that travels is also recommended to continue wearing masks. As it’s better to be safe than sorry.


No release date or pricing have been announced

Before you set aside some money in preparation of buying the Project Hazel smart mask, Razer hasn’t confirmed any release date for it yet. Project Hazel is planned to come in two colors. One that would match the company’s mercury color scheme and another that comes in the traditional matte black Razer is generally known for.

Pricing is also unknown at the moment. Though Razer will surely give out that information once it’s ready to share it. The Project Hazel smart mask comes equipped with Razer Chroma lighting, and it has replaceable filter pods that are attached on the right and left sides.

It also features a transparent front so your mouth is visible. Making it possible for people to see your lips moving and know that you’re speaking. This will also be a major benefit to anyone who relies on lip reading to know what people are saying.

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