12104 Reddit will exempt accessibility apps from its new API pricing

Reddit will exempt accessibility apps from its new API pricing

155297 Reddit will exempt accessibility apps from its new API pricing

The recent changes Reddit made to its API pricing has left some third-party app developers in chaos, however, some developers — specifically, of apps focused on accessibility — will be off the hook when it comes to the new pricing changes. 

Reddit will exempt accessibility-focused apps from its new API pricing

As noted by The Verge. Reddit is reportedly working on an exemption to the unpopular new pricing terms, which will apply to developers of non-commercial apps that address accessibility needs.

“We’ve connected with select developers of non-commercial apps that address accessibility needs and offered them exemptions from our large-scale pricing terms,” Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt told The Verge.

It’s no surprise that Reddit’s new pricing terms, which would result in excessively high charges for third-party developers to access its API, has caused a huge stir in the Reddit community. One thing to note is that the company will price access to its API based on the third party’s financial situation. But in some cases, it could result in millions of dollars, which force apps to shut down. 


Apollo developer Christian Sengil took to Reddit, for instance, to share that in Apollo’s case, Reddit would charge the app $20 million a year for API access, due to the updated pricing.

Many third-party Reddit apps are built for accessibility

Apollo is one of many third-party apps for Reddit. There’s also Dystopia, RedditForBlind and Luna for Reddit. The last three of which are built with accessibility in mind, allowing users with disabilities to engage meaningfully with the platform. However, Reddit’s new exorbitant pricing for its API access might spell trouble for many of these accessibility apps.  Moderators of the r/Blind subreddit posted an extensive message in protest of the pricing terms. 

“This doesn’t only impact your ability to access Reddit in a fluid, customizable, and efficient way; many of us on the mod team are also blind, and we depend on those third party apps to make sure that this community remains a safe, fun, and productive place,” the moderators wrote. “Unfortunately, new Reddit, and the official Reddit apps, just don’t provide us with the levels of accessibility we need in order to continue effectively running this community.”

The message also noted that one of the subreddit’s moderators “has had multiple hour-long calls with various Reddit employees. However, as of the current time, our concerns have gone unheard, and Reddit remains firm.” This has since changed though as Reddit is now creating its exemption to the new pricing for accessibility apps. Nevertheless, dozens of subreddits, including r/Blind and r/NewOrleans, are shutting down from June 12th to June 14th in protest.


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