3342 Samsung Survey Could Hint At Incoming Even Bigger Android Tablets

Samsung Survey Could Hint At Incoming Even Bigger Android Tablets

102495 Samsung Survey Could Hint At Incoming Even Bigger Android Tablets

Samsung has apparently been polling users via a survey to see if they have any interest in Android tablets even bigger than the standard 8-, 10-, 0r 12-inch variety. That’s based on a recent report from 9to5Google, after the appearance of several posts on the topic on Naver. For clarity, that’s a social media site out of the company’s home region of South Korea.

In fact, the company appears to be gauging interest in tablets running the mobile OS as large as 14.6-inches. Putting the tablet at well over the standard size for large Android tablets. That, on average, maxes out at around 10-inches.

Aside from size what would bigger Samsung Android tablets look like?

The specs associated with the speculative tablet are just as impressive as its size, too. The company would be utilizing one of its OLED panels with a refresh rate of 120Hz. That would showcase an iteration of Android being driven by an unknown chipset. But that, in turn, would be backed up by up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Underneath that, the company would be utilizing a 12,000mAh capacity battery with incredibly fast 45W charging.


Setting aside those obvious flagship leanings, the company also points to quad-speakers and dual-cameras, with one on front and back. S Pen support would also be included with the device. So it wouldn’t be too dissimilar to the current top-tier models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

This would create as many problems as it potentially solves if Samsung ever releases it at all

Now, there are some questions that are raised by a tablet falling into this size category and running Android. Traditionally, Android tablets, Samsung or otherwise, haven’t gone bigger than 12-inches because the apps don’t work as well at scale — and it’s likely that will have impacted the results of the survey.

Specifically, because while some app makers are aiming for that market, most aren’t. Those that aren’t aimed there are scaled up by Android itself. So they end up looking stretched and disproportionate. In fact, this is also among the most prominent issues with larger Chromebooks running Android apps.


Bearing that in mind, Samsung isn’t likely to release a tablet in this size until, at the very least, its own apps support the larger display. And Samsung may ultimately scrap the idea depending on the results of the poll.

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