5237 Samsung Will Offer Game Streaming On Tizen TVs

Samsung Will Offer Game Streaming On Tizen TVs

114804 Samsung Will Offer Game Streaming On Tizen TVs

Samsung has announced that it will offer a cloud gaming service on its Tizen TVs. The news was revealed during Samsung’s annual developer conference today, SDC21. Samsung describes the capability as a way for developers to “apply Samsung smart TV’s seamless, immersive gaming experience to new games.”

The goal here for Samsung is to allow gamers to enjoy games without having tp purchase separate, expensive gaming hardware. Though at this point in time, it might be more challenging to “find” some of the more expensive gaming hardware than pay for it.

Therein potentially lies an opportunity for Samsung. If it can manage to deliver a high-grade gaming experience over the cloud. If so, then all consumers would need is a Samsung TV running Tizen and a compatible controller.


Cloud gaming may not be coming to Tizen TVs anytime soon

During SDC21, Samsung mentioned little more than the fact that it has plans to offer a cloud gaming service. The company doesn’t talk about some of the more exciting details. Like when it will be available, what games will be offered, or how much it will cost.

It’s also not clear what Samsung’s current efforts in development amount to. However, the company does say that it’s working closely with its current service partners. Samsung is diving into a competitive segment of the gaming market. Where its competitors like Google, Amazon, NVIDIA, and Microsoft all offer something that’s currently available.

NVIDIA just revealed its RTX 3080 tier of GeForce NOW earlier this month. And Google as well as Microsoft are continuing to expand the game libraries on Stadia and Xbox Game Pass respectively. Meanwhile Luna is still doing its own thing too, albeit at a slower pace.


Samsung is using web-based technology for the service

There’s likely a lot of moving parts to Samsung’s currently in development cloud gaming service. But there’s at least one part of it that Samsung discusses as part of its SDC21 Q&A. That it’s using web-based technology to power the service.

There’s nothing to suggest that this has anything at all to do with Stadia. But it wouldn’t necessarily be surprising if it ended up that way. It was recently discovered that AT&T began offering cloud-based demos of Batman: Arkham Knight to current AT&T Wireless customers.

That demo was powered by Stadia tech. And Google was already forthcoming earlier this year with an announcement that it plans to license out Stadia’s technology. So one has to wonder if Samsung is another one of those licensees.


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