438 Save 50% On This Corsair Gaming Mouse Mat – Black Friday Deals 2020

Save 50% On This Corsair Gaming Mouse Mat – Black Friday Deals 2020

84960 Save 50% On This Corsair Gaming Mouse Mat – Black Friday Deals 2020

Corsair makes some excellent gaming peripherals and PC parts, like this gaming mouse mat that’s on sale for 50% off right now on Amazon for Black Friday. This is the MM350 mouse mat and it comes in multiple variations for size. And there are a couple of different designs you can pick from.

Only the multicolor version though. Which has the graphic and the Corsair logo on it, are on sale for this deal price. This is also the extended version so it takes up a large section of your desk. And instead of being just for your mouse, it’s big enough for you to fit your keyboard on it also.

The best thing about the mouse mat besides its large size for extra mouse movement space, is the anti-fray edges. You can be assured that no matter how much you use this thing, the edges won’t fray and fall apart on you. Even if you put in many, many hours of gaming.


As for actual size, the Corsair MM350 gaming mouse mat is 930mm x 400mm, and it’s currently on sale for $19.99 for Black Friday. Down from its original price of $39.99. While $40 isn’t exactly a bad price for a mouse mat like this, half off of that is certainly a much better deal and is worth considering.

It features an anti-skid rubber base so it won’t move around on you. Even during the most intense gaming sessions where you’re moving your mouse around a lot.

Corsair also says that the surface on top was designed for super smooth movement. So your mouse glides across it without any issues. If you want a lot of space for your mouse mat, this is definitely one of the best options out there. Especially at this price.

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You can pick up the Corsair MM350 Gaming Mouse Mat from Amazon by clicking here.

Corsair Gaming Mouse Mat – Various Retailers

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