3529 Seemingly Official Galaxy Buds 2 Images Reveal Design & Color Variants

Seemingly Official Galaxy Buds 2 Images Reveal Design & Color Variants

104655 Seemingly Official Galaxy Buds 2 Images Reveal Design & Color Variants

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 true wireless earbuds are coming, and they just leaked in all expected color variants. These images come from 91mobiles, and it seems like these are official renders.

Leaked Galaxy Buds 2 images reveal all color variants

These earbuds will be available in Black, Green, Purple, and White color options, as you can see. They will look a bit different to first-gen Galaxy Buds, and the Buds+, that much is obvious.

They won’t combine matt and glossy finishes, but will stick to one of those, likely glossy, based on these images. Samsung has decided to include two microphones on each earbud, as these earbuds are expected to offer better noise reduction.


Now, the word ‘reduction’ may not seem to fit here, as some of you are probably wondering why not ‘cancellation’. Well, these earbuds allegedly won’t offer active noise cancellation (ANC), they will likely offer active noise reduction, though.

To be quite honest, that does sound like the same thing, but a bit more accurate, as ANC never cancels outside sounds, it only reduces them, at least when it comes to earphones.

Wear detection sensor will be included

They will include a sensor for wear detection, and you’ll also notice charging connectors on them. Silicone tips will be included for better noise reduction, and will also help with passive noise cancellation.


The charging case will be squarish, based on these images. It will have an LED indicator on the front, as you can see, and it does seem to be quite small. Speaking of which, a 500mAh battery is expected to be available inside of that case. Each earbud will host a 60mAH battery, by the way.

Having said that, these earbuds are expected to go official later today, during Samsung’s MWC 2021 event. That virtual event is set to kick off at 7:15PM CET / 1:15AM EST / 10:15PM PST, in case you’re interested in following along.

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