Special Edition Galaxy Buds 2 Are Ideal For Pokemon Fans

8808 Special Edition Galaxy Buds 2 Are Ideal For Pokemon Fans

132649 Special Edition Galaxy Buds 2 Are Ideal For Pokemon Fans

Have you ever wanted to have a pair of earbuds tucked away inside a Poke Ball? Well, no you can, if you live in Korea, that is. Samsung has announced the Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon Edition earbuds, and this is an ideal gift for every Pokemon fan.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon Edition come with a Poke Ball case

So, what do you get in this pack? Well, you’re getting the Galaxy Buds 2, a Pokemon-themed case (aka a Poke Ball), and a bunch of stickers that have popular Pokemon characters on them.

Just to be perfectly clear, you can choose between five color options of the Galaxy Buds 2, and you’ll get a case of the appropriate color. All of that tucks away neatly inside a Poke Ball case, though, as shown below. The Poke Ball case comes in its red, black, and white combo, of course.


Galaxy Buds 2 Pokemon Edition image 3

This special edition variant of the Galaxy Buds 2 is currently listed on Samsung’s online store in Korea. We still don’t know when will they become available, but we do know that the price tag is 134,000 Won ($105). They will go on sale soon, that we know for sure.

These are limited edition earbuds, and they’ll likely be in high demand

Do note that this is a limited edition product, and we’re guessing it will sell out immediately. Even the price is around the price of the regular model, so… this is a great deal for Pokemon fans. Unfortunately, the Pokemon Edition Galaxy Buds 2 probably won’t launch in more markets, even though there’s always a little bit of hope, as Samsung didn’t confirm anything just yet.


As a reminder, the Galaxy Buds 2 aren’t exactly brand new. These earbuds have been announced back in August 2021, alongside Samsung’s foldable smartphones. These are excellent earbuds, though.

If you’d like to know more about the Galaxy Buds 2, we reviewed them last August. You’ll also find a purchase link in that article. Do note that Samsung also announced the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition a while back.

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