4437 Spotify Blend Share Playlists Now Available To Users Globally

Spotify Blend Share Playlists Now Available To Users Globally

109838 Spotify Blend Share Playlists Now Available To Users Globally

Earlier in June, Spotify launched a new feature called Blend that let two friends merge their musical tastes and listening preferences into one shared personalized playlist. After a few months of beta testing, the feature is now rolling out to users all over the world. It is a mobile-only experience and is available to both Spotify Free and Premium users.

Spotify Blend has also gained a few nifty improvements over the past three months. Your Blend playlists will now feature cover art to help you identify them easily. You can now also compare your listening preferences with your friends’ to get taste match scores. These scores will tell you how similar or dissimilar your music taste is to that of your friend. Spotify will automatically generate these taste match scores each time you create a new Blend with a friend.

Every Blend playlist will also have a unique shareable data story that will likely tell you facts about songs and artists featuring in the playlist. You can share those stories on social media. It’s like the end-of-year Spotify Wrapped that celebrates what you listen to throughout a year, but with a twist where it will now feature facts from a shared playlist that takes into account the listening habits of two friends.


Spotify Blend playlists automatically update every day based on what the two participants are listening to. The playlist, taste match score, and the shareable data story are all affected by each participant’s listening habit.

How to create a Spotify Blend?

Spotify Blend is available on mobile apps only. The feature is available under the Made For You hub, where you will see a “Create Blend” button. Tapping it will let you “Invite” a friend to your Blend. You can send the invitation over any messaging app.

Once your friend accepts your Blend invitation, Spotify will automatically create a curated playlist based on the listening preferences and tastes of you and your friend. It will also generate custom cover art for the playlist. You will be able to see your Blend results including taste match scores and unique data stories. A “Share this story” button at the bottom of your data story will let you share this unique story on social media.


“I think the thing that makes Blend such a unique product is the way it helps people find common ground with one another,” said Arjun Narayen, Product Manager, Spotify Blend. Sure enough, it could make long drives with friends way more enjoyable.

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