3374 Spotify Launches Only You, An Insight Into Your Listening Habit

Spotify Launches Only You, An Insight Into Your Listening Habit

102860 Spotify Launches Only You, An Insight Into Your Listening Habit

Spotify has announced a new in-app experience called Only You that offers insight into how you listen with the streaming service. Only You gives users personalized playlists in a shareable form à la Spotify Wrapped. However, unlike Wrapped, which celebrates the artist, music, and podcasts you’ve streamed the most in a year, i.e. what you listen to, Only You focuses on visualizing your streaming habits. It will not only give you a variety of playlists but also data insights into your listening habits, taking into account your artist pairings, recent favorites, listening times, and much more. Because, “nobody listens quite like you,” Spotify says.

Spotify’s Only You experience visualizes your listening habit

The new Only You in-app experience on Spotify includes “Your Dream Dinner Party,” which lets you select the three artists you’d invite to a dinner party. The app will then create a personalized mix for each artist. There’s also “Your Artist Pairs,” which brings together your recent audio pairings. This will show you your range of listening interests, like whom you listen to after a certain artist.

“Your Audio Birth Chart,” meanwhile, is a “musical meeting of cosmic proportions”. It will give you your “Sun Sign,” the artist you listened to most over the last six months; your “Moon Sign,” the artist you listen to that best shows your emotional side; and your “Rising Sign,” an artist you’ve recently started listening to.


Next up is “Your Song Year,” which shows the time period your favorite music is from. “Your Time of Day,” on the other hand, shows how your musical taste varies during different times of the day. Lastly, “Your Genres/Topics” will bring together a combination of music and podcast genres that you mostly listen to.

Spotify says once you have walked through this visualized experience, the app will give you personalized playlists based on your listening habit. These Spotify Mixes will be available even after the Only You campaign is over. The campaign is available for both free and Premium users and will end on June 30, 2021.

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Spotify Blend will merge the musical taste of two friends

Along with Only You, Spotify is also announcing a new feature called Blend. It will let two friends merge their musical tastes into one curated playlist. Spotify will automatically update that curated mix daily, based on how the participant’s listening habits change.

You can create a Blend with your friend through the Made For You hub on Spotify mobile app. While you can only invite one friend in a Blend, you can blend with as many friends as you wish. You’ll have to separately invite each friend you want to blend with.

Spotify Blend is also a mobile-only experience and is now available globally for both free and Premium users. However, it’s currently in beta and will continue to evolve over time based on user feedback.


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