4764 Square Enix Remasters Actraiser For Android And iOS Devices

Square Enix Remasters Actraiser For Android And iOS Devices

112273 Square Enix Remasters Actraiser For Android And iOS Devices

Square Enix has remastered Actraiser for Android and iOS platforms, and the game is already available for both devices. The announcement, surprisingly, came during the Nintendo Direct livestream event that Nintendo held yesterday. The game is officially called Actraiser Renaissance, and it comes with fully reworked graphics and some nifty little feature updates.

While the release may have been mostly unexpected, it also makes sense. Actraiser was originally released for the Super Nintendo. It’s also being released for the Nintendo Switch, which was what the livestream was mostly about. All that aside, Actraiser: Renaissance is like any other premium Square Enix game that’s been ported to Android – somewhat costly.

Actraiser: Renaissance costs $20, but you get a lot for that price

If you follow Square Enix games on mobile, by now you should know that many of them aren’t cheap. While a fair amount of them are free-to-play, many of them are not. And that’s the case with Actraiser: Renaissance.


It’ll cost you $20 to pick it up, but for that price you’re getting quite a bit of content. You get the full, remastered game which is a mix of action gameplay and city-building mechanics. Visuals are still in 2D but fully remastered for modern devices. The city building aspect is what might throw some people off.

As you can see in the trailer above, Actraiser looks and feels like a 2D platformer action game. Which it is. But later in the trailer you’ll see top-down views of city-building and management. It’s an odd mix, but it works surprisingly well and adds a layer of depth to the gameplay.

Plus it simply gives you more to do. The game also features new stories, 15 new music tracks, expanded action and realm management gameplay, more action stages, an entirely new realm, and there’s even now an auto-save feature along with additional difficulty levels. Should you want to kick up the challenge a little bit.


If you can stomach the price, or wait for a sale, this is a game you may want to consider grabbing. It also supports controllers and it’s less expensive on Android than other platforms. If you’re interested in you can pick it up on the Play Store.

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