3378 Stadia Now Lets You Add Notes To Your Friend Profiles

Stadia Now Lets You Add Notes To Your Friend Profiles

102941 Stadia Now Lets You Add Notes To Your Friend Profiles

Have you ever wanted to add notes to your friends profiles on Stadia? Well if you answered yes then you’re in luck because it looks like Google just added this feature on the sly. Now this isn’t a major feature, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Google didn’t go out of its way to advertise it.

But it is a nifty little feature that you can find with other services. Discord for example lets you add notes to your friends profiles, as does Battle.net. The arrival of the capability to add notes on friends profiles on Stadia was discovered by Stadia Source, and initially spotted by 9To5Google in the Stadia app’s code earlier this year.

So it wasn’t entirely unknown that the feature would be added in at some point.


Stadia friends notes are limited to a small number of characters

Though it is a cool feature to have, and useful, the ability to add notes for your friends isn’t going to allow a ridiculously large set of words.

Don’t go thinking you can write a small review-sized post. These are notes after all. Having said that, the notes are a little bit shorter than you might expect. Then again, these are notes. So they’re not really meant to be lengthy messages.

You’ll have exactly 25 characters at your disposal here. So make sure what you want to say is short and sweet and straight to the point. If you’re an adult, coordinating game time with friends sometimes gets a little more difficult.


This is where these notes can become extremely useful. Maybe you set up a time to play something with a friend. You can use the note to add that time so you don’t forget. Then when the day comes, you can tap on the profile and be reminded.

Notes are personal, not public

If you’re worried for any reason about privacy, or just curious, notes cannot be seen by people you add them for. Not that this should necessarily matter, but they’re private all the same.

Notes can be added through the Stadia app and it looks like they’re supported on the Stadia website too. They should also be supported on the Chromecast Ultra if you play there as well.


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