3127 Stadia Pro Gets Three Games For May Along With One Mystery Title

Stadia Pro Gets Three Games For May Along With One Mystery Title

100368 Stadia Pro Gets Three Games For May Along With One Mystery Title

Stadia Pro members are getting a total of four free games for the month of May. Google has revealed three of them today, and there will be one mystery title being revealed in the very near future.

In addition to new Stadia Pro titles, there’s also new game releases happening this week and next. Legend of Keepers: Career of A Dungeon Manager launches on Stadia on April 29. So the game will be available this Thursday morning for players to dive into.

Google describes this as a mix of roguelite and dungeon management. Though it sounds a little bit like it has tower defense elements as well. With players having to plan out their defenses and select from a variety of different traps they can lay out for their enemies.


Stadia Pro games for May include Hotline Miami 2

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a gruesome, but extremely fun title that will be a real treat for Stadia players next month. As a shooter it features a top-down camera angle, and very fast-paced action gameplay.

There’s a wide array of different weapons to use and enemies to mow down. And players will no doubt find themselves in a pinch from time to time. Aside from Hotline Miami 2, players will also get Trine 4 and Floor Kids for free starting on May 1.

May 1 is this coming Saturday. So that means Stadia Pro members have just a few more days to claim the Pro titles for April. If you haven’t already done so, you can easily claim them by launching the Stadia app on your mobile device and finding them in the list of Pro games. Of which there are currently more than 25.


There will also be a fourth Pro game coming, which is the mystery title mentioned above. Google plans to unveil what this title is sometime next week. So it hasn’t yet announced what it would be. This doesn’t clarify whether the 4th Pro title will be a completely new game on Stadia, or one that’s already available like the other three games.

State Share is being added to Serious Sam 4

State Share is one of Stadia’s more unique features and one that was a long time coming, launching for users earlier this year. It’s now being added to Serious Sam 4 as the latest game to receive support for it.

Google says this is already live, so if you’re playing this game you should be able to share gameplay states with friends. This only seems to be available in Survival Mode. But it’s still a fun way to give friends a chance to try out the game if they don’t yet own it.


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