3335 Suunto’s New Smartwatch Is Looking Like The Peak Of Its Lineup

Suunto’s New Smartwatch Is Looking Like The Peak Of Its Lineup

102406 Suunto's New Smartwatch Is Looking Like The Peak Of Its Lineup

Suunto this week announced a new smartwatch that is being added to its collection, the Suunto 9 Peak. Unlike the Suunto 7, the Suunto 9 Peak smartwatch doesn’t run on Google’s Wear OS.

That’s probably for the better if you want battery longevity. Because Wear OS has a track record for battery life that isn’t exactly “peak” performance. Well, if battery life is one of your main concerns with devices like these, there’s no worrying about that here. Suunto has seen to that.

The watch runs on Suunto’s own operating system which extends the battery life out to a more manageable state. Something that is likely to become an important factor with the use of the onboard GPS tracking. having said that, there are two ways to track your location. And each is tailored to a different experience with the watch.


The Suunto 9 Peak smartwatch lasts for up to 170 hours in Tour Mode

If you like long battery life, the Suunto 9 Peak will give you long battery life. That is if you use it in a specific mode. Tour Mode. Suunto claims that running the GPS tracking while in Tour Mode will keep the watch running for up to 170 hours. That time can obviously vary based on what other features you may be using.

Also worth noting is that if you use Tour Mode while using GPS tracking, you’re giving up some of the accuracy the watch GPS tracking provides without Tour Mode enabled. So there is a trade-off. Running the GPS without Tour Mode bumps the battery down to about 25 hours. So it’ll last up to a full day plus one hour.

That may not sound that great, but you have to remember that this is with full GPS tracking on the entire time. And without that, the battery life does last quite a bit longer.


Stay active with over 80 sport modes and more

Suunto makes smartwatches that are designed for active people. They’re heavily tailored to fitness, and are loaded with features that evoke that. With the Suunto 9 Peak, you get over 80 sport modes to ensure you can track just about anything you do to stay fit and healthy.

Whether that’s running, hiking, climbing, swimming, cycling, weight lifting etc. The watch also comes with a 1.2-inch display and it can be submerged up to 100 meters if you feel like taking a dip.

Suunto also states that the watch is extremely thin compared to its other options, due to the use of the grade 5 titanium for the case. The Suunto 9 Peak goes on sale June 17 for $570. So it won’t be cheap. You can pick the watch up from retailers like Amazon, or from Suunto directly.


Suunto 9 Peak

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