The Best Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series

113564 The Best Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (and the series in general) has some of the best features of any smartwatch the company has ever produced. It’s certainly got the best features of any Wear OS smartwatch to date. And if you use Android as opposed to iOS, it’s even a good rival to the Apple Watch in the features department.

With that said, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a lot of features available to users, but these are what we feel are some of the best ones to highlight. Ones that make the watch an invaluable tool as a part of your daily life. Features that give the watch an extremely convenient user experience.

And features that are just downright fun or interesting to use. Keep in mind that these are the features we feel are the best ones. It’ll be a bit subjective in that respect. Still, these are excellent features and we definitely think most users will love them too.


One of the best Galaxy Watch 4 Classic features is definitely the rotating bezel

AH Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 1 1

The rotating bezel has been a staple on Galaxy Watches for a few years now. And to this day it’s one of the best features of any smartwatch let alone the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Yes, this is only a ‘Classic’ model feature, but still worth mentioning because it’s definitely up there among the best features of either model.

It makes using the watch so much more convenient and it limits the amount of times you need to touch the display. Which means you have to clean it less and you can worry less about ugly smudges. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying about navigating the user interface by twisting the bezel around like it’s a tiny wheel.


From where we’re standing, there’s no better or more fun way to navigate a smartwatch UI.

Integrated Spotify controls

AH Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 3

This isn’t something that’s unique to the Galaxy Watch 4 series, but that doesn’t make it any less of an awesome feature. The Spotify integration is key to the best possible music management experience with the watch. The app doesn’t come pre-installed on the watch, but you can easily download it.


And once you do you get access to controls that automatically pop up as soon as you start playing songs on your connected smartphone. Not to mention the app now supports offline listening. So you can download playlists to the watch and listen through a connected pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.

If your Spotify is your main music streaming app of choice, this app is another invaluable one to have at your fingertips, and certainly one of the best features on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

The water lock

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Hands On 8


This is simply one of the best features of any smartwatch. Period. Look, you’re bound to get a splash or two on the watch at some point. Whether it comes from a spilled drink, washing your hands, or a light drizzle while outside is part of the randomness of life, but it’s highly likely that all or some of these will happen sometimes.

The water lock feature simply ensures that you aren’t getting a bunch of accidental touch responses on the display of the watch when it comes into contact with liquids. Going out for a run and it looks like rain? Turn on the water lock. You’ll be glad you did.

Mobile payments

AH Google Pay Galaxy Watch 4 Classic


Mobile payments have been a huge boon to anyone that wants to checkout at retail stores as quickly as possible. And now that the Galaxy Watch series is running on Wear OS with the 4 and 4 Classic, Google Pay is supported.

You could also use Samsung Pay. Which works in the exact same way as Google Pay. The differences at this point are also minor since both utilize NFC to make the payments. And these days, almost everywhere accepts this type of payment. Save for maybe some of the smallest businesses.

If you’ve never used mobile payments with a smartwatch before, try it next time you’re at the store getting ready to check out. You’ll be amazed at how fast and simple the whole process is. And you might even wonder why you didn’t start paying for things this way a lot sooner.


Stress management

AH Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Managing your stress levels is a much more important part of your life than some people may realize. And while there are a lot of factors at play here, there are some really easy things you can do to help. The Galaxy Watch 4 series for one can at least tell what your stress levels are. And using it is pretty simple if you access the feature with the Stress tile.

Simply scroll to it, tap to begin, and sit still for a minute while the watch attempts to grab a reading. From there you can take the tips it gives you to manage stress better if your levels are too high. And if they’re within a good range, then you can go about doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll know where you stand.


Stress has a huge impact on your overall physical and mental wellbeing. So it’s important to know when you might be too stressed and what you can do to adjust that. This is where the Galaxy Watch 4 series can help.

The ECG Reader

Galaxy Watch 4 ECG Reader

Samsung isn’t the only company to offer this on a smartwatch but it is one of the very few. You may not need to use this often, if at all. It will vary from person to person. But it could come in handy. The only downside is that it only works and is only usable if you have it connected to a Galaxy smartphone.

If you’re using any other type of Android phone it’s essentially useless. Which is a shame. But it’s still one of the best features the Galaxy Watch 4 series offers.

Disconnection alerts

AH Galaxy Watch 4 Best Features

This is a fairly well-hidden feature and by all accounts, pretty minor. But it’s also an amazing feature to have. If you wear the watch daily, chances are you want it to stay connected to your smartphone to make the most out of it.

So it can be annoying when your watch disconnects from your phone and you aren’t even aware that it happened. Well, as long as you have this enabled you will know when or if the watch ever disconnects. You can easily turn it on in the settings.

The watch only mode

As good as the Galaxy Watch 4 series is, it still doesn’t have the battery life we wish it had. At least not while utilizing every feature it can muster. This is why the watch only mode is so good.

You can easily extend the battery life to beyond a week so the watch doesn’t die on you. While it does essentially turn this into just a digital watch that only tells time, it’ll allow you to keep the battery alive until you can charge it.

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