5534 This App Allows You To Skip Ads In Official Facebook App

This App Allows You To Skip Ads In Official Facebook App

117589 This App Allows You To Skip Ads In Official Facebook App

If you’re a Facebook user, but you’re annoyed by the ads that are constantly surfacing as part of the news feed, this app may be able to help. The app is called “Skip Ads for Facebook”, and it does exactly what it says.

This app can skip ads in official Facebook app

So, how does this work? Well, do note that the app cannot completely remove ads from Facebook. Instead, it will make sure to automatically scroll past ads that pop up in your news feed.

Once a sponsored post (ad) becomes visible (on the display), it will be automatically swiped away. You do have some options for that, though. There is a threshold you can alter, on how far an ad is allowed to enter the display before the app swipes it away.


Do note that this app works with the official Facebook app, but not Facebook Lite. Another thing to note is that you’ll need at least Android 11 in order to use it. It won’t work with older versions of Android.

The app uses your phone’s Accessibility Service, so you’ll need to enable that in order for it to work. You can also lock it in memory on some phones, and alleviate battery management limitations to make sure it runs at all times.

Some fine-tunning options are available

Now, in regards to the threshold for skipping. You can set the percentage here. So, if the ad crosses over to become visible for 30% for example (from the bottom), the app can swipe it away immediately. You can set this percentage to whatever you want.


You can even alter the speed of swipe, and there are also some settings for a pause between swipes. All in all, this could be an immensely useful app for some of you, as those ads can be quite annoying.

The developer said that the app should work on every Android 11 and Android 12 smartphone. So, if it doesn’t, reach out to him, and see if there’s something he can do about it.

Skip Ads for Facebook (Google Play Store)


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