6957 This Could Be OPPO’s Very First Android Tablet

This Could Be OPPO’s Very First Android Tablet

126662 This Could Be OPPO's Very First Android Tablet

OPPO is planning to launch its very first tablet at some point this year. Well, that tablet has just surfaced online, in a single image. This is our very first look at the device, by the way.

The image has been shared by Abhishek Yadav, a tipster. The image is included below this paragraph, and as you can see, it only shows the front side of the device.

OPPO first Android tablet leak


OPPO’s very first Android tablet makes an appearance online

Still, this image does confirm that the bezels will be quite thin on the device. Keep in mind this is a tablet, though, not a smartphone, so if bezels were any thinner, using the device would become more difficult. You need to have a place to grip the thing, after all.

That being said, the corners are curved, while the selfie camera is placed at the top, while you’re in landscape view. OPPO seems to think you’ll use the front-facing camera while holding the tablet in landscape view, and that’s probably a fair assumption.

Now, there is a green light next to the selfie camera, and it’s centered at the top. Could this be an LED notification light? Well, if it is, that’s a nice move by OPPO. We’re not sure though.


You will also notice the physical buttons on the device. The volume up and down buttons are included at the top (while in landscape view), while the power/lock button is on the left.

The design of its backplate is still a mystery

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the back of this tablet just yet. You can expect to get one or two cameras on the back, though. OPPO will probably utilize either glass or metal on the back.

We also don’t have any information regarding the specs of this tablet. If we had to guess, though, we’d say it will either be a mid-range or a high-end offering. Utilizing one of MediaTek’s more powerful chips may not be a bad idea here, but we’ll see.


Considering how close are OnePlus and OPPO at this point, OnePlus may end up utilizing this design as well, or something similar to it. OnePlus is also expected to launch its first Android tablet this year.

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