5008 This Might Be Your First Look At Pixel 6 Pro Photo/Video Samples

This Might Be Your First Look At Pixel 6 Pro Photo/Video Samples

113308 This Might Be Your First Look At Pixel 6 Pro Photo/Video Samples

A new leak has surfaced which purports to showcase photo and video samples from the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Google’s upcoming smartphone is the first in a line of devices that features a brand-new setup for the camera sensors.

Plus, it has more sensors than any other Pixel device before it. Naturally, that kind of upgrade is going to come with some new features, and likely some new camera capabilities. But the one thing that anyone who’s interested in this device may be wondering is, “what do the photo and video samples of the Pixel 6 Pro look like?”

That’s a question that you would think wouldn’t be answered until the phone’s release. But that appears to not be the case here. And for comparison sake, it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. Camera samples leak for phones all the time. So there’s no reason to think it would be any different with Google’s latest hardware.


Pixel 6 Pro photo samples focus on zoom and low-light capabilities

While leaked samples can be exciting, it’s important to temper your expectations at least a little bit. The leaks don’t seem to show any of the most exciting features that the camera is sure to offer.

But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t exciting in and of themselves. There are 6 leaked photo samples. These include the a few shots with the phone taking pictures in lower light with three different zooms. 1x, 2x, and 4x zoom to be specific.

There are also three photos of different sets of objects taken outside. You can view those images below to get a grasp at what the Pixel 6 Pro is working with.


As for the video samples, This Is Tech Today has a video up which showcases the video capabilities and quality of the upcoming device. you can view that video below if you want to see what the recording quality is like.

While this doesn’t give a complete account of how good the camera will be in person, it’s still something. And when you’re chomping at the bit for any new tangible details about an unreleased product, something is usually better than nothing.

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