6967 TikTok-Style Rings Appear On YouTube Profile Pictures

TikTok-Style Rings Appear On YouTube Profile Pictures

126721 TikTok-Style Rings Appear On YouTube Profile Pictures

All of the popular social media and video-sharing platforms have some sort of live streaming feature. Sometimes, it’s not easy to know when your favorite content creator is live streaming. This is why YouTube introduced a useful (and derivative) way to tell if they’re streaming. According to The Verge, the company introduced Live rings that show up on YouTube profiles when they’re live.

YouTube introduces Live rings to know when people are live

A lot of the time, a YouTuber can be live, but most people won’t really know that. Sure, you can know if you happen to go to their channel, but there should be a way to tell if you’re not on their channel. This is where the new YouTube Live rings come in. When a channel is currently live, the profile picture will have a red ring around it with “LIVE” at the bottom.  Tapping on the profile picture will take you right to the live stream.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: this was lifted from another platform. This marks another feature from TikTok that other companies emulated. The platform has a similar feature that will show if a person is live. YouTube’s ring is slightly redder and a bit thicker. Also, TikTok’s version has a looping animation with the ring bursting, and the profile picture pulsating.


Honestly, this is a good feature to have in any regard. While scrolling through the video feed, the red ring on the profile pictures could catch peoples’ attention easier. That could entice people to stop by the channel and watch the content.

In Other YouTube News: YouTube Vanced brought back the dislike counter

If you’ve been wanting to have the dislike counter back on YouTube, you may have your wish (sorta). YouTube Vanced just announced that it’s brought back the dislike counter for videos. Last year, YouTube got rid of the dislike counter for all videos on the platform. No one really asked for that, and most people rejected the idea, yet, here we are.

This is why YouTube alternative, YouTube Vanced, added the dislike counter back. On the company’s front page, it lists the collection of features the program has, and one of them is the dislike counter. This was mentioned along with ad-blocking capabilities, super-dark mode, and numerous customization options.


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