Top 6 Best OLED 4K Smart TVs – Updated October 2021

113102 Top 6 Best OLED 4K Smart TVs – Updated October 2021

OLED is considered to be the best technology for TVs right now, even though QLED is trying to give it a run for its money. The biggest advantages that OLED has, is that it doesn’t use a backlight. Which allows the black colors to actually be black, versus a dark gray that you’d find on a LED or LCD TV. It also provides more true-to-life colors.

A big reason for this is because OLED panels light up each individual pixel, instead of the entire display. This is why most smartphones have moved to a form of OLED (mostly AMOLED).

But OLED comes at a price. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an OLED TV that costs under $1,000. And there’s really only a couple of TV makers that use OLED. Of course, LG and Sony are the big names in that group. But there are others out there.


Top 6 Best OLED 4K Smart TVs

Here are the best OLED 4K Smart TVs that you can find right now. From LG, Sony, VIZIO, Panasonic and much more.

As mentioned already, these TVs are not cheap, but you do get what you pay for here. So it’s important not to cheap out on something like a TV. Especially if you are looking for a good viewing experience.

Sizes Price Where to Buy
LG C1 OLED (2021) 55, 65, 75, 82″ Starting at $1796 Amazon
Sony A9G 55, 65, 75″ Starting at $1098 Amazon
VIZIO H1 55, 65″ Starting at $1299 Best Buy
LG G1 OLED (2021) 55, 65, 77″ Starting at $1996 Amazon
LG A1 OLED (2021) 48, 55, 65, 77″ Starting at $1296 Amazon
Sony Bravia A8H 55, 65″ Starting at $1299 Amazon

LG C1 OLED (2021)

91n0a65XFL AC SL1500 1420x815 1

  • Available in: 55, 65, 75, 82-inches
  • Price: $1796
  • Buy: Amazon

The LG C1 OLED is the company’s new OLED TV for 2021. So this is the latest and greatest in terms of OLED. It sports the new α9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR 4K, which is able to adjust the picture and sound automatically, and give you the best experience possible.

It still runs on webOS, which gives you plenty of great apps to use. Like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more. There’s also support for the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on-board. If you use any of LG’s other smart home appliances and products, then you’ll feel right at home with the ThinQ platform built-in. Controlling your washer from your TV.


LG CX OLED – Amazon

Sony A9G

91e1nDHTBUL AC SL1500

  • Available in: 55, 65 & 75-inches
  • Price: Starting at $1,098
  • Buy: Amazon

The Sony A9G is the newest OLED TV from Sony, and it’s one of the best OLED TVs out there right now. Of course, it’s price does indicate that.


This is part of the MASTER series from Sony, which means that it was calibrated by film makers to make sure that you see the picture they intended. Meaning that the picture is more true-to-life than almost anything on the market.

It’s powered by the X1 Ultimate processor, which is Sony’s best processor and it analyzes content to bring out OLED’s intense contrast with pure blacks, peak brightness and natural colors. It’s also a really great TV to pair with the PlayStation 5. With a dedicated gaming mode for a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

Sony A9G – Amazon



6416810 sd

  • Available in: 55, 65″
  • Price: Starting at $1,299
  • Buy: Best Buy

With the VIZIO H1, you can bring your favorite entertainment to life with over a billion shades of color for intense colors and exceptional color accuracy.

With a luxurious bezel-less frame, a profile as thin as 4mm, and intuitive cable management system, VIZIO OLED is the ultimate in next-generation beauty.


As well as 4K 120Hz gaming support, ProGaming Engine automatically optimizes Xbox and Playstation® gameplay with a unique suite of gaming features that provide smoother graphics & more responsive gaming with VRR.

VIZIO H1 – Best Buy

LG G1 OLED (2021)

91iJlrVotjL AC SL1500

  • Available in: 55, 65, 77″
  • Price: Starting at $1,996
  • Buy: Amazon

This is the latest and greatest from LG. It is an OLED EVO TV, which is the “next innovation in OLED”. It brings about a brighter, punchier viewing experience with the latest next-generation panel from LG.

This is the G1 model because it uses the gallery design. Allowing your TV to become art when you’re not using it. And it’s possible because of how good OLED actually is. OLED has over 8 million pixels available here. And because it is OLED, each pixel turns on and off individually.

LG G1 OLED (2021) – Amazon

LG A1 OLED (2021)

91mqqks5n6S AC SL1500

  • Available in: 48, 55, 65, 77-inches
  • Price: Starting at $1,296
  • Buy: Amazon

The A1 series from LG is OLED made for mainstream. As you can tell, it comes in smaller sizes, down to just 48-inches and it’s still fairly inexpensive, for an OLED TV. It still has over eight million pixels available for you to get a great picture.

LG has outfitted the A1 with its a7 Gen 4 AI processor, which is going to allow you to catch every detail with smooth, crisp picture. It can also upscale non-4K content to 4K. So you can really take full advantage of this display.

LG has Game Optimizer available on this OLED TV. Which gives you easier access to all your game settings and you’ll get HDR Gaming, Auto Low-Latency Mode, plus HGiG for detailed gaming picture.

LG A1 OLED (2021) – Amazon

Sony Bravia A8H


  • Available in: 55, 65-inches
  • Price: $1299
  • Buy: Amazon

The Sony Bravia A8H has unmatched processing power, the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate analyzes content to bring out OLEDs intense contrast with pure blacks, peak brightness and natural colors.

There’s also Android TV built-in here. So you can use your voice to access content, services, devices, and more with Android TV and Google Assistant. Google TV is not available on this one, as this is the 2020 model and not the 2021 model yet.

With 4K X-Reality PRO, you can experience a more natural picture with 4K X-Reality PRO & Object-Based Super Resolution. See exactly what the creator intended with the advanced color and gradation of TRILUMINOS Display.

Sony Bravia A8H – Amazon

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