5034 Twitch Blames ‘Server Configuration Change’ For Massive Data Leak

Twitch Blames ‘Server Configuration Change’ For Massive Data Leak

113471 Twitch Blames 'Server Configuration Change' For Massive Data Leak

Twitch is in the midst of cleaning up after an absolutely massive data leak happened earlier this week. The company just came out and announced that a server configuration change led to the leak. It also gives us some information to reassure worried users.

Twitch had its source code and a bunch of other information leaked on 4Chan

In case you don’t know what happened, Twitch had a massive data leak earlier this week. An unknown hacker was able to bypass the company’s defenses and steal its source code.

They were also able to take information on an Amazon Steam competitor named Vapor, information on all of the properties that Twitch owns, internal ‘red teaming’ tools, Proprietary SDKs, and internal AWS services. One user even reported that there were encrypted passwords stolen.


One of the bigger bits of stolen information was Twitch payout information for a bunch of creators. These reports date back to August of 2019, and they show just how much the top creators are making. They show that a lot of them have earned millions in just the past two years.

Twitch said that the reason why the information was leaked was because of an error due to a server configuration change. Whether that’s true or not, it certainly sounds a lot better than “We have weak defenses, that’s why we were hacked.”

Though this data leak is massive, Twitch has at least some good news

Now, Twitch is scrambling to get everything on track at the moment, and it released an update about the state of things. The company said that it didn’t receive any reports of login information being stolen. This is good because that’s what’s worrying people the most about this whole ordeal.


No one wants their accounts up for grabs, especially if Twitch is their prime source of income. Regardless, it’s still recommended that you change your login information, because the story could be very different.

Twitch also said that credit card information shouldn’t have been spilled in the massive data leak. Full credit card numbers are not held on the Twitch servers, so people should hopefully be safe in that regard. You should still keep an eye on your credit cards, watch your bank accounts, and contact your bank just to be safe.

Twitch reset everyone’s stream keys

As an added safety measure, Twitch went and reset everyone’s stream keys and gave a link to change it. If you use Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, Xbox, Playstation, or mobile, you won’t need to take any action. If you use OBS, then it’s recommended that you change your stream key.


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