6987 Twitter For Android Has A Search Feature For Settings

Twitter For Android Has A Search Feature For Settings

126855 Twitter For Android Has A Search Feature For Settings

We often spend a lot of time digging through settings to find the one we want to change. Fortunately, thanks to @yabhishekhd on Twitter, we know about an easier way to find settings. The Twitter app for Android now has a search bar in the settings.

There’s a search option in the settings in Twitter

Sometimes, social media platforms can have their settings arranged in weird ways. Because of this, a lot of people would definitely appreciate a search option to help narrow things down. There are often important settings that are hidden away somewhere.

Now, Twitter just implemented a useful search option in the settings menu. According to the screenshot on the tweet, a search bar will appear at the very top of the page when you access your settings. From there, all you have to do is type in what setting you want to change, and you get the list of settings you can change. The ability to search your settings in Twitter should still be rolling out, so if you don’t see it, don’t worry. I wasn’t able to get it running on my phone just yet.


In Other Twitter News: Twitter could be working on a “Leave This Conversation” feature

Not everyone wants to be thrown into a conversation on Twitter. If you’re tagged in a conversation, you’ll get notifications for that conversation. This means that if the conversation gets a lot of comments, your notifications will be flooded with notifications.

Because of this, Twitter could be working on a new Leave This Conversation feature. This feature will let you untag yourself from a Twitter thread that you’re tagged in. This means that you won’t receive any notifications at all. Not only that but when you leave, no one in the conversation will be notified. You will be able to quietly sneak out.

Leaving the conversation means that no one can tag you in it again. We don’t know if we will see this feature come, but Twitter didn’t deny it. The company declined to comment when asked by the Verge. This feature should definitely come out because it seems really useful. It could mean a lot when it comes to stepping away from a conversation you don’t want to be in.


Twitter already has a feature where you can mute a conversation. However, the Leave The Conversation feature has more benefits that make it a more efficient feature. It just does a lot more than muting.

Twitter search settings

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