8098 Twitter Is Testing Out A Way To Remove Yourself From Mentions

Twitter Is Testing Out A Way To Remove Yourself From Mentions

129674 Twitter Is Testing Out A Way To Remove Yourself From Mentions

Twitter is testing out a feature it calls “Unmentioning” for users to remove themselves from mentions. That’s according to recent reports following an official tweet on the matter. Although the overwhelming majority of users won’t see it just yet, as with other incoming features. Twitter has limited it in terms of user availability and where it can be used. Namely, on the web version of Twitter.

What does “Unmentioning” do for Twitter Mentions?

As may be expected from the branding here, Twitter ensured that the feature itself is straightforward. But not necessarily easy to describe.

Twitter is billing Unmentioning as a way for users to get back some peace of mind by removing themselves from mentions. For clarity, when users are “mentioned,” they’re effectively tagged in a post via their Twitter handle. The handle shows up as a link that can be interacted with. And, of course, any subsequent responses go back to the mentioned user.


By removing themselves from post mentions on Twitter, via Unmentioning, users no longer are tagged on the post or receive any notifications about it. And, more pertinently, they can’t be mentioned in that given conversation anymore either. Preventing anybody from dragging them back into the fray.

How do you get unmentioned on Twitter?

There’s been no word, as of this writing, as to when exactly Twitter will roll out Unmentions more widely. As noted above, Unmentioning is presently only available in the web version of the service. So it’s only available to a select handful of users and not in any apps.

Users can check to see if they have the feature by first navigating to a post they’ve been mentioned for. Then, they’ll need to look for a “leave this conversation” option in the three-dot menu for that tweet. That’s the menu that typically contains both the mute and “embed” tweet options.


As detailed here, selecting the option gives users a rundown of what happens when they remove themselves from the Twitter post’s mentions.

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